DLC 4 Xbox Achievements Absent

Edit: The issue is fixed!

This new DLC is supposed to come with 7 new achievements, but on Xbox they aren’t appearing at all, both on the console and the app.

On Steam and PS the achievements are there, so they definitely exist. I suspect this has something to do with the whole season pass issue before.

Could anyone else here confirm the problem and help raise awareness to get the issue fixed? I want to play! :pleading_face:


I’m not showing any new achievements either.


No DLC 4 achievements for me too.

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Stay tuned!

They will release a patch in 2021 to fix it.

Also no word from the Borderlands twitter regarding Xbox’s missing achievements, lol.

Guess it’s time to visit the good ol’ Compactor with all my characters till this is fixed.

It’s fixed now!

Still not fixed for me…