DLC 5 is a New Mode, Not a Campaign DLC: The Implications

After PAX I I thought about how every mention of DLC 5 stressed that it was not going to be like the Campaign DLCs of the first Season Pass. The Fourth Skill Tree for Fl4k was shown off to showcase how it resolves some of the balance issues his character had in regards to defense and crowd control. This would bring him closer in line with the other Vault Hunters in utility.

So, if these fourth skill trees will serve to bring and keep the characters in balance, and the forthcoming DLC isn’t a campaign, and the other Major Announcement was Console to PC crossplay across all platforms and enhancements to coop…

What will DLC 5 be?:

  • DLC5 will be Arena based PVE like a Slaughterdome
  • DLC5 will be PVP
  • DLC5 will be a permanent Event-type mode
  • DLC5 will be a Headhunter/ Takedown
  • DLC5 will be none of the above

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Can DLC 5 just be a giant patch that fixes all current issues?


If they’re putting in a 4th skill tree, multi-platform crossplay, and 2 new split screen modes it almost necessitates that they fix all the outstanding bugs that would impact those things, so I certainly hope that’s a part of the roll out.


I suspect we will get an endless horde mode with increasing difficulty, mayhem and special drops as you get further in.


Perhaps a horde mode run by Moxxi. She sets up a arena at the casino, making use of the loader bot army she now has control over.


Shattered Realm like game mode, like in Grim Dawn would be cool, specially if, like in Grim Dawn, you can get any combination of bosses from the game and DLC’s to spawn in the last arena, would make for some fun gameplay, imagine fighting Troy and Tyreen at the same time, or both Traunts, would be cool, and somewhat challenging hehe.

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Be great if they went back into DLCs 1-4 and added circles of slaughter and raid bosses.


NPC dialog in DLC 4 seems to indicate that there at least expect you to farm one of the bosses, if not fight it as the raid boss.

Raid bosses. I bet.

If it is a season pass then maybe UVHM too :slight_smile:
Can’t wait!

I’m predicting the New Mode probably would be Score Attack or Time Attack. I know Trials kinda have this but it not exactly a good “race-against-time” thing and rewards are poor

UVHM makes some sense since we’ll need more skill points if their idea is that we just add on to our existing builds. But if the idea is to force more choices on players then adding an entire play through is overkill when you can just add skill points and levels that grow in difficulty and restart TVHM.

The old model of UVHM was paired with ultimately adding 11, then 22, and finally 30 more levels and skill points to the game, along with the ability for the game to scale to our level and reset the play through.

TVHM accomplishes every perk of UVHM in BL3 outside of the level cap raises being associated with it. I don’t really see UVHM coming back. I could see them tweaking Mayhem Mode to have an option to remove modifiers and still play with the difficulty increases. We’ll see. They did specifically say a New Game Mode, and Ultimate Vault Hunter was a Mode.

What if it’s Ultimate Mayhem Mode?


Keep in mind working splitscreen, and some of the visual fixes are only going to work on the Next Gen console, not existing consoles.

As well documented in another thread, until MH scaling is fixed and enemies aren’t using M10 weapons against you, the new FL4K tree is pretty much useless. No FL4K player is going to give up DPS for a Shield Tree where your shield is still going to be broken in at most three shots. Unless Mayhem tweaks are made the new tree is absolutely useless at higher MH.


In all their talking points about those changes they did stress that they were coming to current gen consoles as well, which implies that they push to fix/ optimize those features has been something they are working on.

The other side of the coin is that, in offering portability of the existing purchase of the game from current gen to next gen, they are incentivizing players moving to the version of the console best suited to run the game (4k 60FPS pretty much says it all).

We’ll see if they deliver on those statements. I’m still waiting for the other three campaign DLCs for TPS that were mentioned pre-launch for that game.

The real question : Will we have to PAY for something that FIX whart we already bought?


My guess is there will be a free patch released at the same time as the new content. That’s what they did when they released the Handsome Collection. There was a big patch for both games released whether you owned both or not, on all platforms.

Shouldn’t even call it a DLC, it just a new skill tree and a new mode…
and in my opinion should be free, just patch it in. I don’t think it is right to charge for this.

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I understand DLC season pass isn’t free, but this new skill tree and a new mode thing, should really be free

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Perhaps some sort of randomly generated dungeon…

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Considering they are probably aware of the general distain towards mayhem mode, I’d hope it’s some other take of end game difficulty. One with no anointments and modifiers would be interesting at least for me.

Then again for all we know it might as well be Claptraps dance dance revolution minigame mode or something. I’m hopeful but, you know…


In my mind, getting 4 new skill trees and action skills is like getting 1.3 new characters, just spliced with the existing ones. That said, here’s the history of that as far as I know it.

BL1 was there even a Season Pass?
(I came into the franchise just before TPS)

BL2 Season Pass included 4 Campaign DLCs, 1 preordee Vault Hunter, and didn’t include the Headhunter Pack or sixth Vault Hunter?

TPS’s Season Pass Included 4 DLCs consisting of: Two Characters, The Holodome, and CL4ptastic Voyage.

Each Game of the Year Edition, and The Handsome Collection included all the DLC.

Commander Lilith and the Fight For Sanctuary was only free for a limited time, and is paid DLC.

Anything after the 4th Campaign DLC and Seasonal Events, of which we’ve had two, and two Take downs, of which we’ve had two, plus the Trials, which there were several, seems fair game to charge for based on the recent past.

There is a such thing as Tekken Bowl, and DOA inspired a Volleyball game, so all bets are off.