DLC #5 What's next after the current roadmap?

Once this is all said and done, with performance issues, bugs, and balance fixed, I’d love to play the story mission Claptrap went on in DLC2. I’m playing DLC 2 again, and hearing his mission updates reminds me a lot of Dragon Keep.

As much as I loved that content, I can see why it might not work as an expansion. Sometimes you can’t go back (but I’d still love it if they did). But a new “RPG” DLC would be great. Plus, the quest for the Pearl sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Though maybe DLC #5 should be the QOL expansion with vertical split-screen and stable co-op game play. What else is there? Find Lilith? Search out the other siren(s)? Find out what Tedior is up to?

i can see us going to Elpis to find out what happened to lilith, but i think it might be for bl4 instead of another campaign dlc