DLC 6 content leaked?

Saw a post about dlc6 leak on bl3 reddit. Apologies if this was already posted.


Murder mystery. Maya’s murder. Missions to bring her back from the dead, and she inherits Tyreen’s powers at the end of it. Super Maya!

(Except it won’t be that.)


Anyone with the tldr version?

Ava’s Murder Mystery Missions (Series of Four (4), one/planet

(Behind-the-Scenes): “Lost” Cinematic Previs, Cut Story Moments, Manufacturer Videos, Concept Art, Lost Map Vignettes, and much more!

Vault Symbol Challenges w/Exclusive Gear Set Rewards


I’m guessing since the info’s a day old and there’s no (other) active thread, that the mods don’t want this being discussed.

Anyway, unclear how much meat the Ava content will have. It does look like more story content, which is not what I was hoping for. When the new pass was announced, I had my fingers crossed it would be the Reaper of Souls of BL3 (minus the extra act). Oh well.

Season Pass 2 - Rip-off boogaloo.


I can see it being aboot her parents.

So 4 new missions, a bunch of behind-the-scenes extras, and a new set of challenges that have unique rewards. That certainly sounds… different than what Borderlands fans are used to in a DLC. DLC5 was certainly a new precedent in itself but this sounds rather odd. I don’t want to make judgements prematurely and look like a fool but this description for the upcoming DLC sounds quite strange, especially considering there was no mention of the prophesized raid boss on Pandora that’s been hinted at recently by Randy Pitchford himself.

I have no idea what to think.


Well, the Director’s Cut won’t come out until spring, and we still have three months before then. I’m sure they could squeeze some new content drop in there, if they wanted. Apparently there’ll be some sort of announcement on the 31st, so we’ll see.

Sadly, the creative force that used to drive Borderlands games seems gone. It started fading with nerf after nerf for me, and this appears the final nail closing the coffin.


Well… assuming the “leak” was not a hoax, it could be a way to test the waters ahead of time. If there is a lot of pushback, they still have time to make course corrections.


Tbh I dont mind Ava and the story is ok (*same as all the other games, im not here for the amazing story) but im looking forward to how gearbox sells this one if true.

Season pass 2… the game mode that nobody wanted and extra story content for the most hated character.

This ones going to go down like a lead balloon. Im pro bl3 content (apart from dlc4) I’ve enjoyed all the other base and dlc content so far. Going off other peoples comments online over the past year, Season pass 2 sounds like they had a meeting to discuss what people would hate the most and roll with that. If its not that, then they are massively out of touch with the fan base.


Probably just a bad joke. Even compared to DLC4 that list sounds lackluster. Unless those 4 Ava missions all lead to a raid boss at the end or something lol.


If it is true, this does not sound very exciting… Though to be honest I am more excited about patch content than dlc content these days :rofl:


Here to hoping that the murder mystery is for Ava’s murder instead of Ava playing a game of cluedo with the vault hunters


So the buffs after buffs were . . . inconsequential? I guess so.

Regardless, the most newsworthy thing in this thread is the depressing amount of people wanting a video game character killed. I’ll be waiting and seeing on the content itself.


I didnt purchase the bugged fourth trees / arms race and I sure as hell am not buying a story dlc based on Ava. Girl bye


You’d prefer it to be someone irl?

She’s not real, and she’s a terrible part of the story. She’s the worst part of bl3, and that’s saying a lot!!! GBX would be smart to figure out a way to write her out of the story.


No, that would be the easy and pandering way of getting out of this situation. Blindly answering to fan whining is the ultimate way to lose the direction of your story, just ask sigh Star Wars.

The smart thing to do would be to make her character change, grow, evolve and learning from previous missteps. They shouldn’t pretend that errors didn’t happen, they should (narratively) deal with the consequences, like grown ups do.

And that’s why they seem to actually be doing the right and brave thing by tackling her again.


LOL that the first comment on the Reddit thread is that the poster only wants to play this DLC if the story line of the DLC is solving Ava’s murder. :joy: