DLC 6 content leaked?

It’s something I’ve been seeing in a lot of major games-forums over the last 10 years:

Less and less intelligent commentary and objectivity, more and more shamelessly uncritical white-knighting and toxicity from the same. You think it’s bad here, check out the Star Wars: The Old Republic official forums to name just one of many :confused:

The old BioWare Social Network forums got shut down eventually by BW (Who absolutely eat up this credulous fan-boy/-girl simping) because of how toxic this can become, among other reasons.
Of course, the second-rate dev teams and their defenders daren’t brook even the slightest disagreement, lest people actually start making up their minds for themselves, decide, “Hey, you know what, this product really does kind of suck, and I really do feel more than a little ripped off.” and then stop buying ■■■■■■■■ DLCs (and/or cash-shop garbage where present).

(Aside: In a game that has a cash-shop, the huge-spending “whales” are the most toxic of this breed, usually. Guess the reason.)

All the animals around here are equal, just some are more equal than others.

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i agree with you on alot of these things
personally if i buy a game and the game is either ■■■■, OR CHANGED to the point where the game is just garbage and ppl tell me dont cry, dont play the game, then i get a rly big hate boner
if i fking buy a game for 60+ euros, and its either ■■■■ because unfinished, or obviously worse then older games due to OBVIOUS cuts or lazyness, OR gets changed after
i should be able to voice this and say
-repair the game
-return the game to the state i BOUGHT IT ON ( mayhem 1.0 was way less ■■■■ then what we had until mayhem 11 which doesnt rly say much as mayhem literally destroys alot of the games balancing and killed like all gear under legendary tier)

i feel its rly RLY bad with the US im from germany, and if i get something here and it is subpar in quality or is a broken piece of ■■■■, or even worse its broken, i send it to fix it, and it comes back to be pretty different, i can get a full refund and in some cases an apology without them even blinking
( btw i did not get a refund from epic, my bl3 is crashing freezing left and right, the game has so many issues i cant believe how crappy year 1.5 have been, but no refund)

but from alot of the US crowd im just hearing
consume and if you dont like it its ur own fault, not theirs

speak about having a standard

some games have a rly ■■■■ community, legaue of legends and overwatch from what i personally saw have an even worse one in a different way

if you suggest anything in lol, ANYTHING you are living scum, example
i pitch a character with a complete kit, some intelectuals come out and ban me from the reddit after telling me how retardet i am

funny is when like 6 months later a champ comes out with 100% this kit and suddenly its fking amazing
just to set an example

the white knighting is rly sad and shows how weak ppl are with their money
if is ay, 60-100 bucks is alot to me, and i value how good the quality has to be of something then its not a
financial move i should not consider if thats alot of cash to me

its actually me just having a value in my hard earned money, and expectations inside the current / previous standard of the market

years ago i could get a decent game for 30-40 bucks,
ppl say now games are more expensive and its hard, while the game also costs 60 and in the future 70 euros, there is literally no existing excuse in this world to justify the worsening standards of the current games we get

even the covid thing is no excuse for what dlc 4 was, it simply was not
there are options they could have gone for,
but the best excuse i have seen was that i paid for the free content with the pass
which isnt even correct

they promoted the BASE GAME with free new content
another example
i paid for the free content right?
so why does my friend who didnt pay for it also recieve the free content? cuz its for the base game
therefore a person who didnt pay for the dlc pass got it for free because i paid for it

thats the logic some ppl have around here

it rly doesnt make any real sense, and even better, so far its pretty clear we wont get any more new free content for bl3, but paid more then for pass 1 in pass 2, if you realize, its 2dlcs for 30 euros, and 4 dlcs for 40 euros

its this loop of it doesnt make sense the more you think about it, but ppl still think it does make sense


As you may see with my post that is now hidden as well, the truth hurts for many, but not just the truth alone, but generally speaking any form of direct and potentially harsh criticism. People don’t like to read critical opinions unless they match their own.

Ach, und beste Grüße ausm Saarland^^

Anyway, back to topic: I feel that even if the leak isn’t true we still won’t get much out of DLC6. We still don’t even know what we should expect from half of a product that has been on sale since November. It feels shady and just very bad in terms of advertising and PR and just doesn’t make the season pass look good at all. Depending on how you want to look at it it also damages Gearbox’s already shaky reputation even further.


It more likely got flagged for this:

Your attempt to be condescending doesn’t make you look any more sophisticated, or like any less of a prat.

Direct personal attack. That’s a no-no in any forum.


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We now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion of DLC 6 content (hint hint)


That was the best I seen about Ava if they had done as you said more people would support her character as it is she is being held responsible for Maya death and thats on the writers .

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It’s been over a year and people still have an emotional reaction to Ava.
If I hear another complaint about the storytelling quality I think I’m gonna have it.

The little turd is growing on me. :wink:


There’s something to be said about that. People do love to hate her


It’s basically just a technique of reflection. While the writers have set Maya up to die, many have taken that personally and now try to find a tangible entity to blame, which here is Ava. I’m a Maya main myself and have strong feelings about the way she went out, but very little of those feelings go towards Ava.
Ava isn’t even badly written for the most part, her character is consistent and stays the same throughout the whole game, but that is the problem: Ava as a character should have been the starting point. You can’t load guilt on the back of an unchanging character. That doesn’t work for Son Goku and works even less with Ava. She should have had a positive character arc, with her fall from grace, the lowpoint being Maya’s death. From then on she should have had an active role in trying to atone for her actions and become a worthy successor for Maya. The underdog upbringing is there, the insecurities are there, the writers just should have went hard on it and show us that a person can learn from her mistakes, be better and then grow stronger through suffering and acceptance. The foundation was there.

That’s why I hope that the leak, if it’s true, has at least some sort of personal growth for Ava. Her character is already ruined for many, unfortunately, but maybe Gearbox can try to get her character from “I want to eradicate her whole existence” to “annoying loudmouth, but she has learned her lesson the hardest way, so she’s almost bearable”. But I’m not holding my breath as that’s quite the task.


Nicely articulated.

On a personal level, I found Ava rather grating - she doesn’t ‘age’ well in terms of replaying the story, and the flaws in the writing become increasingly apparent the more times you go through the same scenes. Contrast this with Maya’s lost echoes in BL2 which I still collect on every play-through with every character. I don’t know who wrote what but, if she got some Hammerlock/Waingwright level of character development and writing, that wuld go a long way in my book.

As usual, we’ll have to wait and see what we actually get, which could be radically different from anything anyone is expecting. The big problem right now is that many seem to have Tiny Tina levels of patience when it comes to finding out what that is: “10, 9, 8… fwoosh boom I got bored.”

Hmm. More fireworks - we definitely need more fireworks.


Seemed pretty obvious the flagging was based on personal attacks, but otherwise the points being made were sound, even if someone disagreed with them.
Anyway, totally agree with this, about the timing. Seeing the same issue with a lot of stuff, where the makers can’t decide on a tone and jerk sharply between serious and comedy, which can work once (sometimes) but when done multiple times just ruins it. I remember someone discussing rewriting Handsome Jack, because he cracked jokes too much and that undermined his daughters death, if he carried on joking afterward, so they had him change after that and become a lot more serious/focused. BL3 never had that, and it feels like it could have really benefited from at least one more reread and edit to fix the tone, etc.


Agree - I would probably even add fixes to some issues with ‘believability’ of some dialogue. For instance, the moment Typhon tells you about his reaction to Troy’s death and it is more or less “Meh, he’s a monster now and you as VH kill monsters, so all good”. I’m not sure what to think of that…

Bugs me more than this whole Ava thing, she’s at least somewhat consistent with my concept of bratty teenager.


I look at it this way Maya gave up everything for Ava even love and what did Ava give back ? Nobody held this kid responsible for her actions, after Maya death and the supposed memorial for Maya who got blamed for it ? The writers have made it difficult for a section of us to look at Ava as any kind future that they envisioned.


DLC 6 will need to be pretty interesting to overcome the hole gearbox has dug their game into. ( A quick check on Steam Stats shows BL3 is not even in the top 100 games being played at the moment.) I have always wondered about the piece-meal buffing and nerfing GBX engages in. It’s always seemed to me that all weapons and gear should have a built in overall scale factor to allow overall ‘buffing’ as people move up the scale of difficulty in order to keep received rewards usable and interesting. If DLC 6 implemented this…


Just looking at ps4 trophy list for BL3, it’s showing the drop off rate in DLC engagement pretty clearly and that might show what we can expect for DLC 6.

Number of BL3 players who reached:
Level 2 (kill 1st boss, shiv, usually) - 93.7%
Finish main campaign (and unlock mayhem) - 38.8%
Completed all side missions (base game) - 3.3%

No trophy for 1st mission on DLC 1 - ?
DLC 1 main campaign completed - 11.9%

DLC 2 finish 1st mission - 10.8%
DLC 2 finish last mission - 8.7%

DLC 3 finish 1st mission - 7.8%
DLC 3 finish last mission - 6.3%

DLC 4 finish 1st mission - 6.0%
DLC 4 kill last boss - 4.6%

DLC 5 play 1 round - 1.5%
DLC 5 extract 100 items - 0.1%

DLC 6 - 0%???


On a pc, are these stats available? Pretty interesting.

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I’m not sure about pc. On PlayStation, as long as you’re online and go to trophies, you can see percentages.
Think it’s the same for Xbox achievements.

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The first 4 DLCs are completable in a few hours, but extracting 100 items takes quite a while, especially if you’re picky. That could easily mean 30-50 rounds, which is really not a quick process, especially as its pure repetition.

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