DLC 6 content leaked?

I’m not sure about pc. On PlayStation, as long as you’re online and go to trophies, you can see percentages.
Think it’s the same for Xbox achievements.

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The first 4 DLCs are completable in a few hours, but extracting 100 items takes quite a while, especially if you’re picky. That could easily mean 30-50 rounds, which is really not a quick process, especially as its pure repetition.

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Steam but that probably isn’t even half the players (some doubled up for achievement and others where waiting for steam release)

Epic doesn’t have any tracking i know off.

Though it’s pretty obvious that the game doesn’t have the future BL2 had.


I couldn’t agree more, and the sad thing is if you listen to her cut dialogue, it sounds like she was far more reactive during the main game. (I don’t see them adding this without redoing a great deal of the main games story scenes)

If this leak was real, I have to wonder want they expect the reaction to be. I can’t see Ava looking into a murder, and I don’t believe GBX would make her the victim unless they plan to troll us, revealing that it was a clever ruse by Ava for reasons.

Just my opinion though.


tbf it’s far more telling that only 1.5% of players complete a single round of Arms Race, which should only take a few minutes. :grimacing:


Yeah. If you’re someone like me who’s more of a narrative fan you just kind of have what you have at the end of the game. I’m not into following the meta and reworking builds based on hotfixes and updates, so I’ve spent my time since the Krieg DLC just mulling over story stuff whenever I think of Borderlands.

Is it healthy to just get more and more frustrated with a story that isn’t going to change? Probably not. But Ava is an annoying character I don’t like and we have just as much right to discuss it as others do discussing the latest 1.5% elemental damage buff whatever weapon got this month.


Pretty sure these numbers are not adjusted for the fact whether you own DLC5 or not. Probably tells you that fewer people own it (same with DLC4 vs. 1), which is still interesting.


It is exactly like this. 1,5% of all BL3 owners, not Designer’s Cut owners.


Still pretty obvious numbers non the less :sweat_smile:

But then again, it’s steam only… We don’t have any numbers for EGS. Probably will be pretty much the same as a lot of people waited for steam (some even bought it twice for achievements)

Not sure how accurate it is but Steam probably has fewest player base overall.

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On itself pretty accurate :wink:

But for this situation not really useful haha

We have no numbers for EGS or for people who doubled up :wink:

Ehhhhhh! DLC 6 is about Ava`??? I hate this character

That’s because they made more effort of making her annoying… Or make everyone in this game anoying… Then write the story so players have empathy…