DLC 6 Raid Boss Thoughts

We’ve just gotta realize that’s not possible in this game due to super broken builds which could hit for hundreds of millions, even billions of damage without too much effort. The last thing we need is GBX compensating for this by giving a boss 10 trillion health just because a small minority of players have godroll items and perfect anointments for every weapon. This would only f*ck over the players who choose not to play like that, and let’s face it, us console plebs who cant simply copy save files from YouTubers or create perfect items.


Fair point but it would be nice to have the option of fighting bosses with extreme bullet sponge health. Or at least ones that would actually require coop.

I’d be totally on board with that. It already in a way exists for the takedowns (the switch beside the start button) so why not for raid bosses?

Hopefully they considering adding this in the future!

OK, I tried something just to see.

I mentioned a number of months ago that I did the Krieg DLC with just clone and drone, I did not fire a shot.
So lets see what happened with this “Raid boss”.

I turned off Mayhem so it wouldn’t take too danged long.

Paid my Eur 500, dropped into the arena, and got my clone and drone active.

8 minutes later, without me firing a single shot, my clone and drone had defeated the thing.

That, my Vault Hunting Friends, is no raid boss.

Oh, and not even one red chest? I mean seriously, isn’t it traditional to have at least one chest after a raid boss (BL2 and later).


Clone destroys every Invincible in the game atm, I don’t really see your point right there. Issue isn’t the boss itself, but dumb stuff some characters are capable of (mostly Zane and Moze)


I just soloed Mayhem 10 on Amara with my own Phaseslam Facepuncher build. I actually think a phasecast build might even do better. Took me about 15 min. I got vemi too. Gonna solo again now that I know the fight (i didnt watch any vids)

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Beat it on my first attempt, M11 Moze. Went down a few times but there was enough trash flying around to get back up reliably.

At first I thought something buggy was going on because it looked like there were two Hemis but the other one was actually Vermi (who pops out of the same pod as Hemi on M10/11). I wasn’t paying attention to the name because of all the stuff going on and it just didn’t register lol

The loot drop perhaps needs to be a bit better though. I got just two legendaries (both new artifacts) which is a little underwhelming for BL3, but perhaps it’s more in line with the new “less legendaries” thing GBX is going with now. And also keeping in mind that getting two legendaries/seraphs from a BL2 raid boss was a rare thing (I remember all the “OMG double drop!!!” posts in years past on the forums.) That said, if they upped the drops just a bit I wouldn’t mind.


That is exactly my point, if you don’t see it. A single character action skill should not be able to beat a “raid” boss.

So, if you’ve designed a game where a single character’s action skill is so overpowering, it is in fact incumbent on you to create enemies that can withstand that onslaught.

Ergo, if you’re BL3 and you’ve made Zane danged near invincible and overpowered, you counter that (if you don’t want to nerf him) with a Boss who can deal with that overpower-ness. Could be more health. Could be a special attack that vaporizes Clone and Drone every 15 seconds. Could be terrain or other lair features that limit C&D effectiveness.
That’s the fun part of enemy design, quite frankly.

So yes, I do expect a game designer to know what each V.H. can do (of course they do) and come up with an interesting way to invalidate the V.H.s advantages.


You use double barrel? You have an m10 weapon vs m0 boss, I’m not sure I’d consider that a good measuring stick.

Or to adjust said action skill because it’s clearly overperforming atm.
The game shouldn’t be balanced and designed to tank Moze and Zane, especially with the way they are right now. These VHs need serious work.

Content is fine. Hemovorous has a good HP pool, it shouldn’t be touched.

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True, but that seems less likely, since they made very conscious decisions to inflate the power of Zane and Moze over the last year or so. Even this latest update adds more power to Zane, quite well beyond what’s necessary.

No. And as I mentioned earlier, I used my lvl 57 O.P.Q. System gun for myself and for Clone, not a M-level weapon.

What I like about the new boss is the direction they took with loot.
She drops (most of the time) 1 gun and 1 artifact, 100% dedicated drop rate. No world drops to pollute the pool.

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Love this raid boss. Beat it a few minutes ago. Moze with an Iron Bear build it was super easy. None of the loot seems that great where I will farm this boss but it definitely was a fun experience.

I just need to optimize my fight like I did with the other Takedowns because this fight took me a while solo. I was mostly just running around in a circle.

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Tried it today.
Classic Zane with Clone double barrel/barrier seing dead, plaguebearer, no purple tree.
Found this fight rather boring at first, long flying phase with again clone targetting problem. The phase with Vermivorous was more dynamic. It was an easy fight and cool new loot with a relic ( Dhal allegiance…intriguing) , a sniper firing laser (disruptor) and a pistol that looks absolutely insane (free radical).
Not the best raid fight but ok I guess.

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Raidboss is not a problem solo. The whole trick is getting your second winds. It says you will die over and over and that’s what you got to embrace :wink:

Other than that: did it twice solo. One time with a flak army build and the second time with an Amara kensei build where lifesteal is the most important skill. Barely used the AS.

But: One new legendary at the end? and the same for both runs? why bother? I’d rather do Wotan - oh wait! It’s not worth doing either anymore because the droprates are super crap now…

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Overall the raid boss is easy. I didn’t had to go FFYL with my MS Moze. It’s a bummer I have to exit the game to beat him again.

I got 3-4 new legendaries I think.

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I didn’t exit the game to fight her again, I just teleported to the fast travel station, opened the door again and there was the egg.

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What egg are you referring to? Was there a reward I missed or was that an easter egg?

Did it on my first try, lvl 65, MH 11 using Zane and a drone/clone combo. Took somewhere b/w 10-15 minutes and I went into FFYL once. I thought the difficulty was fair–in a small arena like that a fight should not take 30 minutes, especially when there’s virtually no reward at the end.

To me the difficulty was on par with fighting Vermi in BL2 if you were lucky enough to get him to spawn. That being said, I don’t think I could have beaten this raid boss using FL4K or Amara. It was the clone’s ability to draw fire and inflict damage (which I suspect Iron Bear would do as well) that allowed me to defeat him. If I had to rely solely on myself, I don’t think I would have been able to survive–it’s possible as there were lots of adds to get second winds from. I have beaten the Maliwan takedown a number of times with all characters, so I do think this was harder content than that.

The real disappointment was the loot. When you killed someone like Terramorphous he’d drop like 50 items overall. Here it was like 6.

Anyone yet figure out how many legendary items are associated with this boss? I got a grenade and a new artifact called Atlas Company man or something like that (which I can imagine would be great when the OPQ system gets upgraded to level 65 and you get 50% additional damage on that gun).

The boss starts as an egg😅