DLC about Maya?

I’ve searched and I can’t really find any topics regarding a DLC involving Maya in some way, I was just wondering if someone could point me to one.

Did you look at the what do you want for a DLC forum?

I posted there about… two weeks ago I think? Is that really all there is?

The only other one that comes to mind is the Maya character Arc one. I pitched a Maya DLC idea of that board near the start.

I think there’s one or two more on there but that is about it.

That would be solid. As annoying as I think Ava is, I think adding some more meat to her lore might flesh her out better and maybe even get me to like her

Someone, I forgot who, said that Maya and Lilith should be more than their powers, the writers failed to show that imo, Lilith pretty much shut everyone out after she lost her powers and it seems Maya was only included to die as shock value and to give Ava her powers.

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As for my stance on DLC, honestly no matter how improbable, I would love for them to bring her back in form.


I agree, from what I’ve seen all the sirens not including Ava, have used their powers as a means to an end. I would like to see Maya return as well, I thought I saw a Redit post from her voice actress being cheeky, not saying if Maya will return. Just saying I don’t know. Now I would take that with a big grain of salt. If she does any other work (RDA) on DLC it would likely be echo logs, or it could be fake.

I don’t know if this is real or fake though.

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I’m hoping for more than echo logs. We will see.

No, Maya died to drive the entire storyline. Giving Ava her powers was a relatively minor consequence, not the reason.

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I’m hoping for more then that as well. I personally believe that the book that Maya dropped (echo logs make it sound like it belonged to Nyriad) is going to play a role at some point. It would be wasted potential to just have a book that belonged to an ancient siren from the time of the Eridian extinction, and not use it for something.

idk when you know someone dies in a story, they become either a lot less interesting or a lot more interesting. but i don’t know if we could fit an interesting Maya presequel into one dlc.

i would also say borderlands isn’t know for revisiting characters in major roles but handsome jack, clap trap and lilith are in nearly every game in major roles (each).

So something between BL2 and BL3?

I’d prefer something after borderlands 3’s main story.

I’m not really sure what I would want at this point (maybe a DLC/expansion with the book of nyriad). I’m still under the impression that Maya is not truly gone. She’s been used in advertising for the franchise more then any other VH. You don’t kill a character like that off and not leave a good replacement.

And they know how well Ava was received. There’s no way that she’ll be the new face of BL anytime soon.

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