DLC and HD Pack wont work with B2 (not handsome collection)

I downloaded the HD pack and the NEW DLC but when I go to the in game menu or fast travel it does not show up. ALso I got a Norfleet from the VIP and it doesnt show up either. Im on XBOX One and downloaded everything from the XBOX store.

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The HD pack (4K textures) only works on an XB1X. There should also have been a smallish title update that adds the DLC to the FT travel menu (and some other stuff) - did you get that?

I would try a full power reset of your console, then make sure you don’t have any updates still queued before relaunching the game. I think the Norfleet should be added via SHiFT to the first save file you load up? If so, double-check when the game launches and make sure the SHiFT sign-in is successful.

I do not have XB1X. Just a plain ol XB1. I downloaded the DLC from the XB store and it says it is downloaded but it does not show up in downloadable content as well as FT. I also loaded game to see the Norfleet and it does not show up either. I have restarted the console and it shows no updates in QUE.

What region are you in?

Im in US. Im wondering if my Shift account is not associated with my XB. I just went to shift account to see if my shift was associated with my xbox and it says it is not. I hit the button and this came up “This platform ID is associated with another account”. Im not sure what other account it is associate with or how to change that?

This can happen if you got some information wrong when setting up the SHIFT account or the first time you tried to link it - such as using a different email address. Your best bet at this point is to file a support ticket for your shift account.

Meanwhile, you should be able to log in to SHIFT directly and check your current associations and rewards to see if everything looks ok.

Ill try opening a ticket. It looks like everything looks good on my shift account but something else is associated with it. I appreciate the help!