DLC Announcement, campaign tease and farmable bosses - PAX South

Well guys, the baroness was confirmed (with a wonderfull trailer) and the DLC campaing will be “in the mind” of Claptrap! Also they confirmed that in the next patch they will add farmable bosses! (edit by PH:) available in approximately one month’s time! What’s you opinion about this?

Personally: Even when I wanted Bunker and badasses 2, a DLC narrated by Claptrap can be by far better!
The bosses will make a lot of people happy. And the baroness will be great if you are not tired to do the same missions all over again! :smiley:

Still there is not a date for Tales from the BL ep.2… but Scooter and Athena were teased. :gift_heart:

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Thank the gods above that tiny tina isnt narrating again. They said that it will be unlike no other DLC, but it being in claptraps mind is similar to TTAoDK, so i think that they meant that it will be different way, so i can wait to see what it is.

I’m happy that the new character will be released soon, it’ll probably make me want to play TPS again. As for the Farmable bosses, I’m glad they’re doing it, even though it’s not really my thing. And I really, really hope the campaign DLC is fantastic, at least at the quality of TTAODK in terms of story and stuff

The duration of the campaing is the only thing worrying me right now :stuck_out_tongue:

And the baronness is out next Tuesday!

Lady Hammerlock Pack is out 1/27. Play as Sir Hammerlock's sibling, #LadyAurelia the Baroness. http://t.co/iMSR1FRRR3 pic.twitter.com/758wAABxmU

— Borderlands (@Borderlands) enero 25, 2015

In her trailer, That Steve the bandit tho.

Yeah!!! But his HEYOOO didn’t sound like usual or it is just me? I have to admit that I was secretly searching for him in TPS =P

added rough timescale for patch to bosses.

That sequence of Scooter was just lovely.

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Thank you sir. =)

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Where is this trailer?

It was streamed live on twitch. I guess it will be uploaded before her release date.

I guess that the whole stream will be watchable on twitch again at some point soon, too.

So inside the mind of Claptrap DLC…

Scary Biscuits.

Enjoyed the live stream but have to say I found Brick and Mordecai’s appearance in the Baroness’s trailer kinda jarring. That aside lots of good news. I really wish that the Borderlands focused workshop Gearbox are doing later (now?) was being streamed.

@joekgbx Any chance of getting to see the crib notes for that?


Brilliant Escher pic there. Who did it?

That was me. Just a quick cut and paste with some brushing out. Claptraps credit goes to those that did em. Fraid I just grabbed some from a google images search.

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It should totally be in the game, though.

Hey guys- the Borderlands Panel will be starting VERY SOON! I’ll be live tweeting all the juicy details as soon as they’re announced, so keep an eye on my twitter- @jauxking

Definitely! Thing was so easy to put together as it jumped in my head the moment I heard ‘inside the mind of Claptrap’, poor little bugger :smile:

@joekgbx Consider yourself followed, err…

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I saw you on twitch Broccoli. Thank you for asking if it was going to be streamed live. It cleared up the confusion for us!

It was uploaded to youtube a few hours ago.

Never mind. Sorry