Dlc Bounty of Blood download/pass problem PS4

The problem is always the same, i have the season pass but i can t download the dlc because it doesn t appear on the playstation store.
Just like the moxxi dlc problem.
Please if you have the same problem answer this post and, even better, if you have a solution let me know.


It happened to me as well. A friend helped me out.
You have to go to the PS Store, go to “Search”, type Borderlands 3, and on the side it should be the top option, click on it. Then you scroll down to the pen-ultimate section and you should see the Bounty of Blood Add-On, click on it and DL it.

Hope that works.


Go onto store search for borderlands 3 bounty of blood and you can download it from here . I wasn’t able to see it except this method. Hope it help you


I have the season pass , downloaded the update, no bounty of blood content on ps4

updated my game put no bounty of blood dlc on the playstore yet

Thank you. I can confirm that this method also worked for me. Thank you!

Why do we PS4 players have to do this everytime a DLC comes out? It’s getting ridiculous Gearbox.

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Same for me…now a four hour wait :frowning:

Im on ps4 and I have the dlc INSTALLED. It has a lock on it for some reason and I only get the option to buy the the dlc… I paid 108$ off this game wtf

This worked for me, too.
Tried it last night when it didn’t work just searching thru add-ons in the x-menu.

Same here on PS4. Wasn’t showing up in game or via PS store. Searched for bounty of blood via PS store and it appeared. Now to level up while waiting for it to download.


For me it doesn’t show up in all the PlayStation store(I’m in Italy and I tried everything written in this discussion). I don’t know if it’s a conversion problem, but I would like some news about it. I am waiting since yesterday.

Try typing the DLC name in your local language in the search bar from PS store. If you don’t know the name of the DLC maybe check the Italian borderlands.com version (if there is one) for the name. Had the same problem yesterday with the German version.

Sono Italiano anche io, devi cercare sulla ricerca dello store Borderlands 3 : Taglia di sangue

where the F… is the dlc it does not show in ps store under Borderlands 3 extension?! Last time I ever prerorder season pass from Gearbox! I am fed up with this constant bs

ok you actually have to type the name of the dlc because this garbage don’t show up in borderlands 3 extensions! aaaaand it does not install! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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all right finally downloading after several minutes of problems… the level of annoyance you have to deal with while being a season pass customer is absolutely scandalous… this constant amateurism is really getting on my nerves

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I paid for it, download it, install it, th3 quest item prompts me to buy it. The store doesn’t show it through the in-game link. I update the game, it updates, the DLC uninstalls. I find it in the store, redownload it, reinstall it. The quest item still won’t acknowledge that I own it. Game is up to date, DLC is installed, but I can’t do anything to start the DLC. What do I do? How can they not have tested to make sure it works before they start selling it?