DLC Broken quest

I am down in Trashlantis and I collected everything for the quests One mans trash and the quest where you gather picnic supplies for Joy. I ran past Freddy instead of handing him the power cores so I could hand in Joy’s quest first. After following Joy and finishing that quest I returned to Freddy but I can’t give him the power cores anymore. Being a main story quest for the DLC I can’t continue now.


I know it sounds like a meme, but did you try turning it off and then on again? (relog)

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Yes and that does fix it. I just wanted to bring attention to a problem.


i have experience this issue too, instead of giving freddie the core i just ran past him to finish joy’s quest, and after that i can’t no longer give freddie the core, restarting fix the issue, really annoying.

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I had the same issue happen to me. I quit the game and when I restarted I was able to properly interact with Freddie.

I didn’t have that exact problem, but I had a different problem with Joy’s quest. I had collected 1 of the items for it, then traveled to Sanctuary to drop some stuff in the bank. As soon as I traveled back to collect the rest of the stuff for Joy, the mission changed and had me go turn them in as if I had collected everything.

This bug is still present in the game.

This bug is STILL present

and the bug is STILL present

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Still present, 10:23 GMT 5/28/2020.

Just happened to me and my girlfriend playing, going to restart now.

It worked.

As of 9-28-2020, this bug still exists. Restarting helped, but is rather annoying.

As of 4/11/21, still an issue with restart correcting it.

As of October 21/21 it’s still broken.