DLC characters in borderlands 3

Please make DLC characters already I and many others are so bored with the 4 VH. I dont care what your numbers show just make new DLC VH and we will buy them and you will make money. The 4 you have now are so one dimensional there is only one way to build every one. Flak you go down red and green tree nothing else. Amara you go down blue and red and nothing else. Krieg and gaige were by far my favorite VH in BL2. I’m so dang bored of amara and flak and moze and Zane.


well, they stated from the beginning that this is not likely to happen soon
but i would definitely expect some larger updates on the existing VHs
1 class mod per DLC is not really a compensation for not bringing new VHs

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Highly debatable. My best build with Amara has the Brawl tree as the secondary considering how OP Samsara and Guardian Angel can be. Same can be said for FL4K and Zane. I’ll admit that if you don’t go SoR Moze then you’re probably doing it wrong, but even then the other trees are still fun to play with.

The community has been asking for DLC characters since the game came out back in September. It doesn’t seem likely and, while highly disappointing, I’m not feeling up to complaining about it anymore. I honestly don’t mind not feeling the need to play through the BL3 story again multiple times with a new character.

If they have a fourth installment of the franchise would DLC characters be a fantastic idea? Hell yea. Is their source of info about people not enjoying/playing DLC characters 99.9% faulty? Obviously. Am I going to riot if they don’t give us a DLC character which would take them literal months to design, write, record lines for, and implement into the game and then even longer to properly balance with the other VHs? No. No I won’t.

Besides, the claim that there’s only one way to play each character is objectively false. Sure, there are the metas, but are those all you play? If so, then yeah, you’re probably bored.

The whole point of the skill trees since the first game was to mix them up and experiment with your play style. It doesn’t have to be meta. Make a niche setup that’s fun despite not being powerful enough to cause mass genocide. Make a survival loadout instead of DPS. Use a randomizer. Do a challenge run.

Not saying it wouldn’t be awesome to have more Hunters, but really. They haven’t even finished the initial roadmap. Why should they focus on something like additional Hunters before finishing everything else that they’ve announced? It would be poor time management.


Would love new VHs.

BUT … as is , what started off as 4 mule characters. I know have 8 different VH , 2 of each. Each duplicate is specced completely different from my original. I have fun with all of them.

Like I said, originally just a mule. But I kept getting really good gear that didnt match my build. IE I was running a splash moze , but kept getting +115 Fire on some really good non splash guns. So I leveled them all up and now they are semi mules lol.

But all are M4 viable, some shred harder than others , but all are fun to play.

Honestly these characters have build variety up the wazoo. the only problem is balancing. I mean Amara alone has variety builds but they just don’t function as well in MH4.

I want new characters too but not if they come out like these guys. Fix the 4 we have then we’ll see. There is so much wrong with each character regarding skills I wouldn’t want 2 more with same problems.

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yea, there need to be ways to play the other builds without dying or not dealing damage xD

I don’t care about your stupid facts! Dance for my amusement, codemonkeys!


if you consider gagie to be a standard of fun i have a fear you did not understand bl2 at all

not only she was the worst design by far she only had 1 way to play and that’s it

what are you talking about

I want a true melee character like krieg or brick. If they don’t add a new dlc character hopefully Amara gets a new action skill like theirs.

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Subjective aspects of fun. What you are talking about?


I’m really hoping that Amara gets a new crazy awesome melee class mod in the new DLC equivalent to Seeing Dead and Spiritual Driver. They gotta do something to allow melee to be viable at the highest level. Making a character have a specific play style that then can’t compete against the best content doesn’t make sense.

I’d like new VH added not just for more variety of gameplay but also more variety of character personalities and visual appearance of characters.

I’m new here and while I may not be an avid fan of the borderlands series I do have 3 and the handsome collection. My favorite characters in the handsome jack collection are Krieg in borderlands 2 and claptrap in borderlands the pre sequel. The best part of Krieg is how they incorporate different enemy abilities into his skill trees and the best part of claptrap is he’s claptrap. I hope you can guess what I would like to see come to borderlands 3 as a playable dlc character. Edit: yes I know I’m 4 months late to the topic, still saying this anyway

i only play zane and every so often amara just to play something else…

the other 2 i found pretty boring (hell, i didn’t level moze further then the initial cap untill the lvl 60 increase and haven’t botherd playing her since)

If you’re not going to add any more characters, I’m not going to boot up the game again. Not a lot, anyways.

And I’m not gonna be getting any of the DLC’s.

Your DLC characters have ALWAYS been better, certainly a lot more interesting and fun in theme than the base characters. I’m especially biased in favor of Krieg. I’m not very interested in the 4 base characters from this game.

I really don’t like the idea that you’re simply not interested in adding more characters. I don’t see the point. You’re just wasting opportunities here, you’re just holding back the best people on your team from doing what they know best.

Not sure I agree with this logic. Presumably these same best people at GBX came up with 4 VH characters that left you cold in this game. Why are you so convinced the 5ht one will do the trick?

If they add one or two more characters, chances are those options might be better suited towards my playstyle. (reckless, speed and damage, some tanky/healy options, no pets or gadgets to deal with)

Any character they add will appeal to a certain portion of the playerbase, I feel like there’s a big portion of people who bought this game or wanted to buy it, who didn’t find a character that really suited them. That certainly was true for both my brother and friend who I played BL3 and Pre-Sequel with. In BL2 I used Krieg, and my brother went Gaige, in Pre-Sequel my brother went Aurelia and my friend went Jack. If those extra characters weren’t there, we mostly wouldn’t have had characters we enjoyed at all. I liked Athena in pre-sequel, but that’s really the only base character I really liked. Oh and Brick, kinda.

Btw, I’ll add that this isn’t me suddenly quitting. I got bored with the game after finishing it several months ago, and I was completely uninterested in continuing with it when DLC launched because I’d already checked the Gearbox decision on “no new characters” at that point. I remembered the game recently and kinda wanted to play again, but when faced with the characters I didn’t enjoy and remembering the Gearbox decision, I figured I had to at least say something about it. At least try a bit to make it understood that DLC characters are lacking, wanted, and frankly necessary to fill out the roster.


I second the notion that we need a viable form of melee that doesn’t involve Amara or bear fists or finding every single piece of gear with a melee damage bonus.
Give me a berserker class again, so I can get up in peoples faces and smack them with something that actually has an impact level 1-60, mayhem 1-10.

Okay, you know what? I’ll bite the bullet and actually play amara if I can run around with six arms and punch things. Repeatedly. With knock back and air lifts on the enemies.

Where is my white bandit?