DLC characters locked in versus matches?

I’m pretty new to this game, so I may have missed something, but I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find an answer to this.

When I go into a private versus match, some of my DLC characters are greyed out. All of them used to be greyed out, but recently, Alani became available. I definitely have them all unlocked, and I can use them in any other context. Why can’t I use them in a private versus match?

Thanks, I’m grateful for any input.

Sounds like a bug to me. I’d suggest filing a support ticket.

is the private versus captains draft?
in captains draft,if ANYONE doesnt have the dlc char, the team cant pick it.
was an issue in the last two hgl tourneys.

as far as i can tell,it was done that way so that someone who doesnt have the char gets ‘forced’ into it. this was the simplest solution.
a better solution would be to not let the captain pick 5 dlc chars if 1 persons missing them all, and then during picks the person without is auto forced into the non dlc char. its obviously a lot more complicated than that, with any number of players missing any combination of picks, but at the very least an auto ‘random repick’ wouldve been fine if someone didnt have the dlc and picked one of those chars. would be pretty funny and troll hard, lol.

Yes! That’s exactly it. I never even thought to try a different one. I still wonder though why Alani is available…

everyone in the team has alani unlocked? lol