DLC COM giveaways

I seem to be getting a few COMS in the DLC so figured I’d give away to people who don’t have the DLC or can’t get them to drop. I’ll keep editing this post with what I have, just post your GT and which character you need COM for. If anyone else wants to give any away might be easier to just use this 1 thread, so post what you’d like to give away too.

Current COMs
3x Amara
2x Zane
1x Moze

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Heck yes, could I please have the new Zane mod? Thanks!

Sent enjoy.

Thank you! Is there anything your looking for? I have a few items in the loot locker.

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All good, I’m getting a fair few of these so rather give away than let them waste in vending machines lol.

If nobody wants those Zane mods, I will happily take them to pass onto my friends not on this forum…xNOT2DAYx

I’ll send another one your way after work.

Thank you! Xmas will be early for my Zane buddies…