DLC Crystals are useless?! Making an effort to use intended mechanics is still terrible

I am refering to the green crystals that explode with a reasonable amount of accuracy when you melee them.

Are they doing anything useful? Do they apply a hidden debuff that is just too miniscule for me to notice?

So a while back i saw an interview with some of the devs talking about using a gameplay tool in the intended way should always feel rewarding. But these are just useless. (Same as barrels by the way).

Their damage is terrible even when i hit them almost pointblank and the spread is very small (M10). They dont seem to do anything else from what i can tell.

Here is a simple way to make them consistently rewarding to use at all levels of difficulty:
% based damage of max (combined) hitpoints per pellet to everything that isnt a boss - would have to be a fairly high number - instakill things even without hitting all pellets. That would make it somewhat rewarding to use them - not efficient and great compared to just shooting but at least fun and rewarding to use.

Right now hitting these things does effectively nothing. (At least barrels make you want to shoot them early on so they dont kill you later)


I would also add that the plants that dominate enemies are a great idea. I just wish that the damage the dominated allies do was commensurate with the mayhem level.


I agree they do about twice as much damage if the crystal hits the target itself rather than the splitting projectiles. That said they do terrible damage even on M0, takes about 2-3 to kill a normal Tink.

And as @EldeeFifty said the plants do take some heat off you but they can’t kill sh*t.

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I found both of these to be nothing more than gimmicky things for the story. Nothing more.


If nothing else, they are fun to melee into your friends lmao

They deal a hilarious amount of friendly damage.

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I’m sure if you start a new lvl 13 character in the dlc they do work. At max level/MH10, I think you have bigger things to worry about!

NICE! just like barrels mWAHAHAHA

They just organic barrels mate!