DLC did not scale to my level


I am having difficulties with the new DLC. It appears that it is stuck way below my level so it isn’t enjoyable to play. I am level 24 but it is at 13… And all the mobs and drops did not scale. What can I do??

I paid for the whole DLC package and it is quite frustrating to not get any challenge out of it

When you’re at the main game screen, if you check your settings (the little gear icon in the top-right) which mode are you in - cooperation or coopetition?

Not sure how the scaling on the DLC is set to work in NVHM - my character had already completed NVHM story and hit level 50, so end-game levelling kicked in. It could be that scaling doesn’t kick in properly until you complete the main story.

In the past, the DLCs had different fixed scaling ranges in normal mode. The first ones could actually be around level 15 (from memory) but would go as high as 30, while the last two scaled as high as level 35.

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So I was in cooperation and tried changing to coopetition but nothing. I think I might know the problem now though. Because there was an update preparing for the DLC before it actually launched, my character started the mission at level 13 and I had been playing for days since then. Now that I’m level 24 and the mission is open for me to play, it wants to keep it at the level I “started”… Don’t know if there a fix for that but I’m hoping there might be. I just want to play with at least a little challenge and reward

Maybe it will scale up when you get through to new maps within the DLC? The other thought would be to finish main story then go back. If it still doesn’t scale you could try turning on Mayhem mode.

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I’ve started the Jackpot dlc on level 15 & it scaled just fine. Are you sure you didn’t accept the mission while level 15? That may affect the first map/zone. New missions should eventually catch up.

Good luck

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