DLC Don't work please help

I have the regular vanilla borderlands 2 from Xbox 360 that works fine I also have a DLC disc with captain Scarlet the Mr. Targue’s campaign of carnage and mechromancer only necromancer works I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling downloading but when I try to fast travel it says I don’t own it and I need to pay for it

I had a problem recently trying to get content acknowledged , and the way I had to fix it was to do a licence transfer with the account that bought the dlc.
Maybe you could try that.

Did you install the DLC from the disk before launching the game? The in-game menus only look at on-line purchases (including season pass) to the best of my knowledge. I’ve honestly found them a bit wonky in the past.

OK I’ll try that

No I didn’t download the DLC first

I just realized I do t have anyone to licence transfer with

Had a similar problem the past two days and just figured it out. Put in the GOTY DLC disk (not the game disk) and restart your XBONE. When it loads your DLC will be there too if you already installed it. I assume it has something to do with the GWG not being GOTY to tie in your access to your DLC but then the game disk for the GOTY doesn’t resolve it either (tried that first). Hope this helps!

You don’t licence transfer with someone else, you just confirm that you want to use the games you’ve purchased on the console you’re currently signed in to. IIRC it’s under System and then Account? You can google for 360 licence transfer, and that should pull up the instrucitons

Throw the DLC disk in and look for an install option. Do that before starting the game.