Dlc final fight is corny and not farmable

Yeah saying who the final boss is isn’t a spoiler at all…

This community takes spoilers seriously and for a good reason.
It’s good behavior to use spoiler tags in the title.

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You’ve already spoiled for me the least you can do is edit the title to final fight without the name in it and move to the spoiler section so you don’t spoil others.

Handsome jack isn’t the final boss lol. So there is no spoiler. I said the final fight try reading next time

“[Name redacted] final fight” pretty much says he’s the final fight of the dlc, try proper writing next time.

Maybe try not being inconsiderate next time then, kiddo.

You need a spoiler section for your thread? Coz there is one.

Lol so mad over a video game

Yeah well sorry I wanted to experience the new content for myself.

Noone is stopping you

Except when you did…

Either way you’re clearly to inconsiderate to admit maybe you could have (and still could for the sake of others) reworded your title and used the right forum section so people who might like the surprise of this don’t have it spoiled. So no point trying, you’re just a selfish kid.


Well at least that means others won’t be spoilt like I was.

Guys… C’mon, seriously. :expressionless:

I haven’t made it to the final fight yet, but i’m curious as to why who/whatever it is can’t be farmed. That kinda blows, if true…

Thanks for the warning (gives a chance to farm other ways); do they have anything worth farming for though?

Wait, who’s the cry baby? Isn’t the op crying about not being able to farm ??!

The final boss is easily farmable, drops lots of loot, and lots of chests at end. It’s now one of my favorite farms. He usually drops MULTIPLES of the new class mods plus a new weapon or two. Not to mention that if you get a money grenade, you can make 2-3 mil plus per run just by chucking nades at loaders during immunity phases.


No idea, ive got 1 more crew mate to find, cut out early to go to work

Okay, so there’s nothing actually keeping you from going back to the boss fight area and farming; the OP had me thinking that the area became cut off, or that the boss could only be fought the one time for some unknown reason.

Good to know, thanks.

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I haven’t made it to the end yet, but it sounds like OP is crying because they have to actually wait for invulnerable phases instead of speed killing even faster. A fight that takes more than 10 seconds is still farmable.

As a side note, was the OP’s original thread title in reference to the DLC and not the name of the final boss? If so, why not just say so when someone claimed they’d spoiled stuff instead of creating drama?

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