DLC for borderlands 3

I don’t know about others, but i would love it if we got dlc similar to bl2’s tint tina’s assault on dragon keep, or bl’s zombie dlc. those were a lot of fun, and very replayable. It would also be awesome if this game had the grinder, from the pre sequel, which was, in my opinion, the only truly good part of that game. any thoughts?

The playable characters and the Claptrap DLC from TPS were great. I never cared for the grinder.


you are not alone.

The new “maps” and “modes” they are adding, even with the last Takedown DLC (not doable in single player, and this for me is quite stupid to do, IMHO), I think they are simply “maps + skin packs applied”.

No new stories, no real missions, just repeatable stuff that is quite and really boring. If I want to play a boring game I would play an existing one, like Fortnite or something similar. I was searching for something “old but new”…in essence, a story to play, in Borderlands ways, not just a “here are the enemies, try killing them to gain poor stuff”.

I don’t know, but for me this game (I have completed it even in Vault Hunter mode in Hard mode) is already “finished”. If they will keep “developing” such kind of useless DLCs or “events” (I see them only as “big skin packs” with stuff that will be invalidated after a specific time period, no more) I will begin waiting (and wishing) in a future Borderlands 4, with an “old but new” approach (it will never come).

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