Dlc for the pre sequel/borderlands the handsome jack collection

For some reason we cantake find the dlc for the pre sequel game we got everything OK for the borderlands 2 it was just right there in the fast travel. But there is none in the fast travel for the pre sequel. What am I missing? How can I fix this?!

There’s only two locations: Holodome, and Deck 13-1/2. Which play-through are you on, and how far through the story are you?

Also, do you have the 1.03 patch installed? I ask because you won’t have the Claptrap DLC if you don’t have the patch installed.

I actually randomly see them now lol I thought there was more than just two? Are they long? I had looked on Wikipedia and on the back of the case it showed more than just two dlc.

Which one is the claptrap one? And how do I know if that is downloaded?

There are 4 DLCs included with the HC version of TPS:

The Doppleganger (extra character)
Aurelia The Baroness (extra character)
The Holdome (story DLC)
Claptastic Voyage (story DLC) but this was part of the Day 1 patch and not included on the disc like the other three so you must have the latest update installed before you can access it.

If you see Deck 13 1/2 as a Fast Travel Destination then you have the Claptrap DLC installed but if you don’t, then you don’t have at least the 1.01 patch installed (1.03 is the latest).

Claptastic Voyage is awesome. Do NOT, however, start it at a low level for your current mode (normal or TVHM). You can check on the forums or elsewhere but, IIRC, you want to be at least level 15 or higher in normal (personally I’d wait until you complete main story in your current mode and then start it.)

OK awesome thank you guys!! We see the deck 13 and the holodome now so we’re good to go!! Wish there was as much as bld2 had lol but oh well!! Thanks again!