DLC got unique skins. Give skins as PvP rewards too!

So with the release of the DLC, they gave some reaaally really nice skins as rewards to the Operation. The red and gold ones looks very cool. And that’s very good, encouraging people to enjoy the new game content.

But what you guys think about winning some skin rewards to PvP challenges too? Wouldn’t be awesome if we can get unique and awesome badasses skins when getting some titles and completing PvP challenges? I like to hear your opinions.

People like me, that almost never play PvE at all, will be very happy. :slight_smile:

So, what kind of challenges you think should give us a skin? How the skin shoud look like?
Angel of Death? Medic use only? BADA BADA BOOM? Old Cranky?

That’s just a suggestion for the devs, I hope they read that lol.

PS: I tried a solo run on the Op to get the skin, killed all stuff but don’t got near to 45 Op Points. How the hell I get those points?


I don’t think you should get a title and a skin in one, however, quite often you get a title before you complete the challenge on rank 5. For example you get the “Darkness Incarnate” title for killing 5000 Varelsi. But that’s only challenge rank 4. I think you should get a skin if you complete the challenge rank 5, which is (presumably) killing 10’000 Varelsi.

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A varelsi-like skin would be awesome!


Play multiple times to up your starting points. (5 per run, 50 max) Collect all 10 OPS points from chests. Complete side objectives, 4 in total.

There are topics on this that go more in detail.

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