DLC - Handsome Jackpot and Bounty of Blood issue


The Handsome Jackpot and the New DLC Bounty Of Blood are not avalaible [PS4].

First, I think it’s good to say that I played with the classic CD’s version and after, with the PS4 store Super Deluxe version. The cd’s version is already uninstalled to try to avoid any conflicts. The CD is no more used to play.

For info, i’m in the end-game mod level 49 with Chaos mod avalaible. I play from Belgium (French part).

Handsome Jackpot :
The quest seems to be activated and I see the symbol wich target the navigator in sanctuary. But when I’m in the navigator, i don’t see anything (planet or anything else) to begin the quest. Then i’m fully blocked. I can’t begin the quest.

Bounty of Blood :
That’s easier. The message say “Buy or Leave”. But i have already bought the Super Deluxe Edition wich is already installed (with the season pass).

Takedown of the Guardian Breach :
The door is closed. I can’t do anything. The button is blocked. But i can do the Takedown in the party of my friend…

Is it possible to fix my problem ? Someone or Gearbox to help me ?

Thanks in advance.


Wait in main menu for a hotfix, then hit continue.
Maybe it will help.