DLC Help can't get to it

how do you get the DLC for the two games think I have downloaded it but can’t get to it thanks

you fast travel to dlcs location.
For example - in TPS, go to “Deck 13 1/2” to access Claptastic Voyage, in BL2, go to “Unassuming Docs” for Tina DLC.

Thanks is that all the DLC ?

For BL2 all the DLC areas are at the top of your fast travel list (most of the time anyway). So everything above Sanctuary is DLC.

Captain Scarlett - Oasis
Torgue - Badass Crater
Hammerlock - Hunter’s Grotto
Tiny Tina - Unassuming docks

Halloween - Hallowed Hollow
Thanksgiving - Gluttony Gulch
Xmas - Marcus’s Mercenary Shop
Valentines Day - Rotgut Distillery
Son of Crawmerax - Wam Bam Island

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