DLC idea for a certain siren

When maya is moment of death but she did not dead but teleported to the future by Ava and VHs. The idea is a artifact or location is been auction off which the crew have to find location of the auction only to find someone beat them to the punch, now they figure out who took and beat them to the vault or take back the artifact. We can have Casino, and arena pits in the area aswell.

Link to a petition to save maya from been written off:

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Petition? :man_facepalming: I think we need to just accept their choices, however ridiculous they are.

Hell no

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No way! We need everyone to sign the petition to save Maya in some form or at the bare minimum a dlc that enables fans to get some sort of closure.


Could you please stop spamming the forums with this petition? You already shared your idea and posted the link to that petition in 6 other threads.

By the way, I sincerely hope Maya stays dead forever and Ava grows up to become the most badass siren in the Borderlands universe. First because I understand that I don’t own these characters and have absolutely no control over what happens to them. Second because I respect the choices the writers have made for the story they wanted to tell. Third because I think it could really turn out to be a cool, interesting and iconic character arc. And finally because I’m already so tired of some people incessantly complaining about this that I will support any decision that would make them mad.

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I respect your opinion but a lot people disagree with you and want them to bring back maya. Also, if the author or game making want to people to buy their product then they will have to listen to the criticism and suggestions on how to change the story.


A quote from a angry paying customer

I disagree, fans being entitled dickweeds and creators taking there suggestions is usually where story’s go down hill. There is a reason why amongst nearly every entertainment outlet that the first couple storys/seasons are universally loved amongst fans, and are considered the best, why. Because the creators were not trying to please everyone they were not taking advice from people who scream at them over something they thought was done wrong and try to fix it. They were simply telling a story they wanted to tell how they wanted to tell it.

By making a whole DLC about bringing Maya back would just ruin the franchise, because at that point why not bring back Roland, angel, blood wing 1 & 2, talon 1, and scooter. It would just ruin there sacrifices and make death meaningless.

Criticise them and there decisions all you want give feedback and advice but stop trying to force them to cater to what you want and how you want it to go.

I have long ass list of things story wise that I Criticise them on hard but I’m not trying to force there hand on anything.

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Money talk’s, b******t walks. That’s how these thing’s end.

I disagree, it more the pressure to release the product than polish the story.

If a game company can’t listen to their audience then i’s prone to fail. It’s not just about writing, it’s a 9-digit business.

Who you gonna listen to then.

The people that don’t want Lilith or the people that do.
The people that want ava vs don’t.
The people who want Eli vs don’t.
The people that want so and so back alive.
And so on.

A company should not care what there fans think to the point it affects what the story they want to tell. There are far far far to many conflicting opinions on the fans side to care what they want to happen.

However they can still give criticism. And there is alot to give, and they can grow from that, instead of trying to force them to make the story go the way you want.

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People don’t want things to go the way they want, they just want a good written story. One that makes a little sense.

Just compare the backlash of Roland’s death (near 0%) with Maya’s death (very high). It’s not really about characters dying.


Yes people do want things to go there way in this particular topic, and yah it could have been better I agree. However there are people begging, so many threads asking, and even a petition to have her be brought back. If that’s the writers plans go for it if not it’s them trying to force there hand into making it the way they want. In this case bringing Maya back to life.

Me personally. I think the story in its entirety is awful. I wouldn’t love anything more atm for them to say it’s not canonical but you don’t see me making petitions and topics about that.

It’s one things to critique her death expecially compared to Roland’s. It another to go as far as creating petitions lol.

And I do remember alot of backlash for Roland’s death. Backlash that even went into a argument between me and one of my friends of if the New U stations were canon lol.

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Your suprised there making petitions for it? HAH! Do you even realise how many nutt-jobs are out there? As long as they are blowing off steam on the internet, who cares. It’s when bombs and death threats come rolling, that’s when we have a problem.
I am sure of only one thing… PEOPLE ARE ■■■■■■■ NUTT’S! And they will go to horrifying extremes to prove it. So how about we stop adding fuel to this dumpster fire before it becomes an inferno.
So let’s do something we all can enjoy… making jokes of the developers.

It’s just something that rubs me the wrong way lol. I see it in everything not just here. But yah the petition thing was the first I’ve seen of something like this lol.

But i do agree that the devs, writers ect… severely dropped the ball.

How’s this for absurdity… There’s been an increase of visits to psychiatrist by rich people (multi-millionares) in recent years… Wait for it…
Because they’re depresed, for not making enough money! Need I say more?

Well, one thing that struck me was the way there was only the book remaining after the Calypso’s disintegrated Maya… There was only a book left. Now since this is in the Spoiler section I don’t find myself remiss to state that we find out Sirens can imbue objects with their memories… I foresee more interaction with Maya in the future through Ava most likely as we watch her Siren powers develop further.

I have always been a Siren main in all 3 of the Borderlands games, I would of played one in TPS were the option available. Am i happy that GBX removed both of the predecessor Sirens from the storyline? No. Am I willing to see what happens as they continue to develop the story via expansions? You betcha.

Oh, and Lillith isn’t necessarily dead at this point. I know that’s of small comfort to those, like me, who enjoyed Maya immensely in BL2 but i reckoned I would point that out as well.