DLC idea for Bl3

Mini dlc idea : 1 Assassin story (main character Zero) first of all its a great way to tell us more about zero who he is what he is , is he an alien is he a mech . I was playing as fl4k and couldn’t notice that fl4k knows about zero a great way to connect and tell us
A back story of fl4k and zero and why they know each other. The main theme will be around zero and will introduce us to him from an angle that we’ve never seen but always were curious about . In BL3 zero plays a role and why not expand on that ? The campaign should be revolving
Around Zero. We follow his orders and do quests. As a reward for each one of his tasks we get different sniper rifle. This dlc will be known as a great sniper rifle pack or something. So at first we start with a small task from zero like shoot 10 targets without missing.
For the first task we get a white rarity sniper rifle and as we progress and get further into Zeros background and his story we get better sniper rifles. Somewhere in the middle of the campaign we get a Dahl sloth sniper rifle. After that we are learning more and more about zero
The last two missions and two last rewards must be Maliwan Pimpernel and Dahl Pitchfork. Pimpernel and pitchfork become a regular drops from a designated bosses in that particular campaign. You can loot and farm bosses for better pimpernel and pitchfork but only after completingthe Story.

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Zero is human, has clear connections to maliwan.
Zane also mentions he’s seen zero before.

I guess it’s a scripted phrase , and no zero is not a human we don’t know who zero is still. I doubt human would have such a big head and be so tall.

play bl2 and boom just made you mini dlc an entire game

Bl 2 doesn’t tell you anything about Zero and his history

Last I recall katagawa who is vary much human makes the zero tech and fits into a identical outfit of zeros perfectly fine. Weird head, 4 fingers the whole shebang.

Zero is human.

i wish for a crazy dlc adventure with Rick and morty

How about a Mr Torgue DLC that starts with blowing up the ocean and ends with blowing up a planet? >.> lol

we don’t know if zero is human

Well all evidence points towards it.

Literally the only evidence people had to say he was not human was his physical features. Those of which are proven in 3 to not be anything other then human features.

In other words all evidence pointing to him being non human is proven false.

Katagawa a human looks identical to zero in the same suit.

Maliwan creates the suit zero has this is proven when zero needs a upgrade from maliwan and katagawa refers to it as zero tech.

Zero gets his name from the tech, zero has a history with maliwan or katagawa directly.

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Sorry, what do you mean by this?

Katagawa built a costume that replicated this zero doesn’t mean that zero himself is a human we don’t know anything about zero thats why he’s so cool. He’s mysterious. We don’t know anything about zero your argument is just a water that doesn’t mean anything . Katagawa building zero tech doesn’t imply that zero is a human. How do you explain zero having 4 fingers? he simply just cut them off ??

Katagawa had 4 and it’s his company tech lol.

People say zero is not human because his head, hands, and height are not human like.

While we see in borderlands 3. Maliwan. Created the zero tech and katagawa a human has every physical features that people say is not human.

where do you see katagawa having 4 fingers???

When he attacks Rhys and zero cuts the helmet off cut scene.

It’s rather simple.
In bl2, people noticed some things about Zer0’s suit: it has four fingers, misplaced elbows, weird head. The argument making him non-human was that a human could not wear that suit
You could see now that those are implements of the suit itself, though. Katagawa’s(who is most definitely human) is identical to zer0’s. Katagawa wears it without problem, so zer0 can wear it as a human.


In other words it’s built for humans not some obscure alien.

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Ok I understand now!

Sorry, tired brain day

I really love the idea of Zer0 not being human, though.

Maybe the Zer0 suits are made of a sophisticated “Because, Science!” material that seamlessly fits itself to the body shape and dimensions of whoever puts it on.

I guess and it would be cool but I highly doubt it.
I believe him to be connected to katagawa in some way shape or form.

Surviver of the family massacre or maybe a apprentice of sorts.

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