DLC Idea: PvP + Story?! The Grand Tournament!

I recently started another thread on painful items I’d pay real money to address - Things That Are So Painful In BattleBorn I’d Pay Real Money (Platinum) To Address Them

But in the course of exploring these ideas I hit on one I needed to request, a new way to leverage GBX’s awesome and fun story telling and the exciting PvP maps and modes they’ve developed. So I’d like to talk about “The Grand Tournament”…

What do 30 Badasses do after they’ve saved the last star in the universe to keep from getting bored? You can’t honestly expect so many skilled and capable heroes to sit together in one place long before they start to ask “Who’s the Best of the Best?” Plus Nova is such an instigator that she HAS to know!

And so the Grand Tournament is born! The Grand Tournament takes place in the holo-simulation room and recreates the setting of some of the greatest faction skirmishes to take place around Solus. In these simulations Battleborn will work with teams, or even by themselves, and test themselves in a series of exciting, surprising, and varied battles against the other Battleborn to prove they are the greatest of the Badasses!

The Grand Tournament is a Story Mode adventure that consists of a series of PvP mode matches. As the player plays through the Grand Tournament they’ll be locked in to a Battleborn they select at the beginning. In order to progress they’ll need to win each match. Sometimes this will be on a team of Battleborn, sometimes on an outmatched team, and sometimes even one-on-one, always against AI opponents.

It’s most easily designed as a Solo adventure, but could be expanded to be a 2 player or 3 player max experience.

The Story Telling in the Grand Tournament will center around the specific rivalries that develop between your Battleborn and others, some based on existing rivalries such as Alani and Ambra, and some new ones, like perhaps Rath and Galilea determining who the better swordsperson is. This rivalry will grow in to a nemesis relationship over time, which will be incorporated in to the design of the particular matches that each Battleborn would experience over the course of the Tournament. This would be where the Storytelling originates from.

This would play out as specific team compositions that you’d be paired with and would encounter, which maps and modes you play in, with the point of the Tournament going in a direction that tests each Battleborn with opponents, modes, and maps that are more challenging to them.

This idea is exciting to me for a number of reasons:

  • It leverages a ton of existing content in new, interesting ways
  • It gives us the opportunity to more deeply experience characters we’ve developed an attachment to
  • It provides a better transition to online PvP for those inclined to move in that direction
  • It has so many opportunities for humor and further character development and attachment
  • It can be the basis of a PvP DLC as is discussed in the linked thread above
  • It provides an opportunity for revenue to GBX to help the development of further content and keep those servers alive!
  • It creates one more reason for new players to try Battleborn! =)

Please share your thoughts and let GBX know if you’d also enjoy something like this. Thanks!


You wouldn’t happened to have been inspired by Unreal Tournament, would you?

If by inspired you mean it was formative to my childhood / adulthood, then yes. Yes I was. =)

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This is amazing!

Good stuff. UT2k4 was all I played for years and years as a teen. I’ll never be as good as I was at that game at another video game ever again. Despite all my griping in the other thread, I was one of the one’s doing the stomping instead of being stomped. FPS just hasn’t been the same for me since I switched to console, though…

I think this is a great idea and all, but I think by this point we should learn to temper our hopes for the future of the game. It took them 5 months to eke out that short story ops and 1 new PvP mode. I will honestly be shocked if they manage to fulfill their season pass content by next spring at this point. And they certainly won’t be working on any content beyond that until the season pass is fulfilled since that is pretty much a financial obligation for them. I’ve seen so many great ideas and suggestions over the last few weeks. But they can’t even manage to fix bugs in a timely manner. Hoping for big stuff like this at this point is too optimistic, imo.

Thanks! I could see tons of fun originating from this! Further, a PvP focused DLC could be an opportunity to introduce some of the other PvP items I brought up in the other thread -

I’d gladly pay for a Battle Simulator DLC that contains:

  • Better AI for Private PvP
  • Mods or Rule Mutations for Private PvP (Low Gravity, Explosive Sentries, Amped Base Defenses, Respawn Limits, etc…)
  • Support for Face-Off with only AI on the opposing team
  • Perhaps additional PvP Modes?
  • A story based around the PvP (Rising through the ranks, grudge matches, gaining a nemesis, glory and honor, all kinds of cool possibilities here!)
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Maybe Battleborn 2? Maybe miracles happen?

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I the thought that went through my mind when I started reading: “Oh, Sh!t, this sounds fun.” About half way through I’m thinking, “I want this in my life.” By the end, “I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!”

@Jythri This tread might interest you.

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And Mellka and Deande finally get to conclude their rivalry with a passionate kiss. Sign me up.


I don’t know if Mellka can compete with Whiskey Foxtrot though… I mean, have you ever seen a clone with an ass like his?

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Key word: clone. Mr. Tea Ceremony realizes he has to set the bar pretty low!

And Orendi and Toby conclude with a Tea Party, with crumpets! =)

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Just them claw lunging/ burst dashing at each other’s faces and at the last second… :kissing_smiling_eyes: If it happens, I’d want that. And later Whiskey approving