DLC Ideas/Suggestions

I was watching the trailer a few times while contemplating possible DLC ideas and i thought of A DLC
DLC 1:
Pandora Skies
A Borderlands Based DLC with a custom campaign where the bad guy of this Battleborn has taken the remains of the Warrior and fused it with cybernetics to create a Half-Warrior, Half-Robot Boss. The campaign is set just before its completion your team has to destroy it so it cant be used to project the bad guy as he harvests the last star.

Aswell as the Campaign it should add 7 new playable characters:
Krieg - An Up-close Brawler Using His Trusty Buzz-axe For Carnage
Tiny Tina - Explosives Expert With Childlike Finesse
Gaige - Why Shoot When You Have Deathtrap
Moxxi - A Raunchy Ranged Fighter With Healing Weapons
Torgue - BOOM…
CL4P-TP - Who Gave Him A Gun
Lilith - A Little Bit Fire Never Hurt Anyone Much

I will be expanding on this post once i have finished my Ideas for their skills.

Fairly certain they would want a new IP to breathe on it’s own legs.


I’m with Caballo battleborn is not borderlands and let gearbox be more than borderlands.

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More maps and missions, less characters.

Do not make the same mistake of pre-sequel dlcs.

I think it would be cool to see some borderlands style maps, but beyond that I think they should really keep the series seperate.

Now i know this will get alot of hate but… MICRO DLC :smiley:

I’m a big customisation fan! so would love to see more skins and heads put into the game :smiley:

Extra Heroes:
More characters is a tricky one. For free, nah. One battleborn takes 100 men weeks to build. We don’t want pay to win.

Map Packs:
More multiplayer maps. It’s something that is done for quite some time. But developers are noticing more engagement when the user base isn’t split up. So if the game and the online component does well, i can see free multiplayer maps.

Mission Packs:
There are lot’s of stories to tell in the Battleborn universe. So they can extend the story mode with new missions.

Raid Packs:
If you are a Borderlands 2 fan, you know the headhunter packs. less of a world to explore than the story dlc’s, but giving an challenging boss. Something for groups or veteran players.

Horde Mode:
Borderlands Moxxi’s underdome or BLTPS Holodome. Waves of enemies to test your survival skills.

Customisation Packs:
Adding exclusive skins

Booster Packs:
This is a idea i had before GBX mentioned the current loot / gear system was discussed at Gamescom.
It would function like burn cards from Titanfall, giving the players a boost for a limited amount of time, 1 life, 1 match or 15 min. or so. Already talked about this with Randy V. if something like this would be applied to the current Gear system. The answer:

there are no burn-card ones. We talked about that, and at release, at least, want to value your permanent collection more than creating consumables.

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I don’t mind cosmetic dlc and some more story chapters and more maps and all that


they could do it ‘the witcher 3’ style, where they give the small stuff for free to build trust and ask for money for the meaty stories and expansions.

The way to go nowadays for monetizing your game is cosmetic micro-transactions, if you are going to do anything post sale’s. For free games, it is all about cosmetic micro-transactions, and is largely seen as acceptable. However, you have to be very careful when it comes to doing the same thing for a game that was sold at retail price and value. An example I know all too well is Evolve. All DLC on release was cosmetic and had little to no impact on the game. However, because this was released at the same time as the game and there was a ‘Store’ option in the menu, the majority of the games players flipped their tables. ‘DAY ONE DLC HOW DARE THEY’ Train began pretty hard, and sucked. :confused: (To highlight this, there were a lot of reviewers, most noticeably AngryJoe who went in hard on this hate train with hardly any real investigation. TotalBiscuit took all of 5 seconds to visit the store to check out on this ‘Issue’ and within seconds stated the whole argument was bull. Sadly, it doesn’t avoid the fact the damage had been done.)

Releasing cosmetic micro-transactions awhile after release I think is totally fine though. You avoid the issue of the ‘Day 1 DLC hate train’ and still allow your game to be monetized in an acceptable format.


that wasn’t all though, their extensive and convoluted dlc plan also confused and angered gamers
(Pro-tip - Never anger the gamers!)

if i could give one piece of advise to gbx it would be keep it simple, slow and steady when it comes to dlc. the clearer the content is and the more transparent the developers are, the happier the gamers. the only problem are those pesky producers.

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As far as i heard from interviews, they won’t make day one DLCs.

And, as for Evolve, the micro-DLCs were really not that much of a good idea. Day one or not. Considering the rest of the game. It really felt like the Publisher (2K) knew Evolve would be a flop, and milked as much as they can. True or not.
That’s why Joe and TB were p*ssed. It’s really shady, and not a good improvement for the PC game industry (At least, for gamers)

i think specifically, it was this guy who caused evolve to fail.

it’s totally this random youtube guy’s fault.

no other reason.

Also this and this and this.


I would like New Heroes, but they would probably have to be “Free” and can be released within varying different time periods. [1+ every few months or so]. As stated already, nobody wants any “Pay to win” type of deal going on with Battleborn.

DLC Maps/missions based on some of the worlds that no longer exist would be kinda cool. I wonder what kind of planet some of these guys came from.

Costumes: Works for LoL, should work here. As long as the prices aren’t ridiculous and the costumes not being simple Reskins…

Most game companies nowadays:


This is so off topic I don’t even know what to say…

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If pre-orders or sales do well and if 2K is willing they can add “free stuff”. But someone always has to pay :wink: If 2K & GBX have gotten their investment back, they will look towards a healthy future. This could be continue or upgrade support for Battleborn or invest in their next project, let’s say Borderlands 3.

Nintendo didn’t think Splatoon would sell that good, so they made more money than they expected. With this extra cash they can afford the “free DLC”.


For game balance reasons, I’m not sure how good an idea paid characters or arenas would be - I’d be inclined against that, and would hope that DLC that features into competitive multiplayer would be entirely cosmetic. I wouldn’t pay for small individual items, myself, but I could probably be talked into a larger pack with skins and heads for every character.

What I would pay for is more single-player and co-operative content - new areas, enemies, bosses, challenges, timed runs, horde mode variations, double-difficulty no-revives mode, etc.

I also would prefer to keep this IP distinct from Borderlands, as much as I love that setting.


Agreed. Something like Borderlands DLCs where you go to different areas and fight different enemies like “The Zombie Isle of Dr. Ned”? I’d so buy those.