Dlc installation

Hi ,
Im in the process of transferring 360 saves to my xbone , but the 360 was wiped clean from when I was going to sell it.

I’ve installed BL2 , but I was wondering if theres a specific order to install the dlc and compatibility packs.
Also , the dlc has been bought with different accounts so will that cause problems?

I’d install the DLCs etc. from your download/purchase history (order doesn’t matter), then launch the game to prompt for the title update and compatibility pack download.

You’ll want to sign in with each account in turn, hit the licence transfer option, then download the items purchased under that account. If you don’t have access to some of those accounts, you’ll be out of luck (and you won’t be able to access saves containing items from those DLCs).

Thanks. Ill give it a go. Ive still got access to all accounts so I should be ok.
And your community Badassness is well deserved with all the help you give.

It worked! My girlfriend hasnt been able to transfer her toons to the Handsome collection because of missing content , and ive been battling the compatibility patch loop for months.
No more.
I did exactly what you said and all of our characters are now loading up fine.

Its worth mentioning that you have to find every piece of dlc , (extra characters,uvhm packs,headhunter packs,creature slaughter dome etc) for it to work.

Many thanks.

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You are very welcome! Now go spend time on Pandora!

Sorry , one more thing and its a bit dubious. , my gf boosted her bank space when that was possible.
Do I have to delete the stuff back down to legit size before I try to transfer her save to xbox one?

That I really can’t answer (due to lack of knowledge). You could try, but I’d move anything you really want to keep out on to a different character first. You’re in a pretty grey area there though, so if you want to ask for further advice the official GBX forums aren’t really the place to do that.