DLC Invisible To Bots Issue


I’ve played through as FL4K and during the trash quest, the maintenance bots attacked my pet but not me. I was still able to shoot them/ kill them. They just didn’t attack me or show up as red dots on my mini map.

This actually happened on and off for any mission involving specificly matienince/ service/ “floating” type bots.

I have video, but for the life of me can’t figure out how to post it on this forum. (Through Youtube?)

I’m on my second play through as Zane and during the same quest the maintenance bots only show up as white dots, not red. They do attack me though. Heres a couple pics.

Another thing I noticed was that the bags of trash dont show up as individual diamond markers once they pop out of the dumpsters/ bots in your mini map. I’m unsure if the large area waypoint marker being the only clue is intentional, but I added a pick here as well. (You see three bags but no individual markers in mini map)

They are actually acting as service bots, i found if you dont fire near them they will leave you alone entirely; but as soon as you fire they put their broom up in the air and start chasing. Theyre attacking the pets im guessing due to the pets ai acting agressive. Personally i found it a neat touch

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Ah! Thank you! Still should probably turn into red dots once shooting at you, though.

EDIT: Also doesn’t explain why they wouldn’t attack Fl4k once Fl4k starts shooting them.

Robo racism? Haha jk. Will pay attention when taking fl4k through the dlc, so far ive only taken moze for a trip

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Pffft… right?! Lol :joy: