DLC is non existent

When I try to load my 72 + op2 character i get a message saying something about needing to install the dlc.

Problem is I own the HC and I should have all of the dlc.

What gives? it’s been almost a year an there is still no resolve to this issue?

I tried redownloading my character from the cloud, yes it was a 360 transfer, no i did not load the game during install or during its download phase(s).

What now guys?

Just ignore that message - it’s a bug. It’s a hold-over from when the max level was raised to 61 with the first UVHM expansion, then 72 with the second. For some strange reason, the HC port always shows that message regardless; the 360 version doesn’t show it unless you don’t have the full set of game expansions.

as @VaultHunter101 says, I get that message all the time. says I can’t progresss any farther without it, but wait my OP gear still works, I can run Digistruct and Progress up in Levels above 61 and OP 1 to 8, so I just ignore that message as a 1 second pain in the A__ and go about the game

so its a fake message?

the message is real, IF you are on the 360 and do not have all the DLC, HOWEVER you are on Xbox 1 with the Handsome Collection that has all DLC’s included in it, so in that context, yes the message is meaningless/fake.

so as we have both said, just ignore/click through it and enjoy the game

As a fake, it creates great confusion. Why isn’t the developer fixing the issue? There’s no good reason for half ***ed works-manship.

Can we get the dev to comment on the progress towards a real resolve? Rather than leaving behind a fake warning in a highly reputable game?

You could always file a bug report on the official support site:


Given that the bugged notice has been there ever since the game was ported to XB1 by Iron Galaxy, and there have been a couple of major patch updates since, I’m not sure it’s going to do much good though.

Sounds to me alot like even if we all post this bug report they won’t do much.

What a sad day it is when game makers don’t care about the over all picture of what this sorta thing says to buyers.

To be fair, this is the port of the game from 360, was not done by the original developers, and had a number of much more serious problems that needed fixing. There are also some odd bugs where sound fx will either start playing at the wrong time, or simply not stop. I suspect that these things are all the result of complications from adapting the game to the new hardware/system, and may actually be quite hard to pin-point and fix. They’re not really game breaking though.

I always hear of the bugs that get ignored because there is this other huuuuuge list that just needs to be taken care of first because its soooo much more important.

No one thought to make a small team for handling the over all look of things? like the one i’m pointing out now?

Surely having one or 2 people dedicated to this would show some progress than zero.

I don’t see a valid excuse. Nor will I.