Dlc is purchased, game says no

Hello, I just recently bought the season pass for TPS. I downloaded it off the PlayStation store. When I get into the starting menu, I go down. To download content and it shows that it’s been installed, yet when I go to a fast travel machine , I still have an astrix next to dock13 and says I need to purchase.

I’m not sure what to do anymore. It installed the Jack pack, the baroness pack, holodome. $ shock drop something. No claptastic voyage.

Any advice?

First, I think this should be in the B:TPS category so people will find it. :wink: Just flagging to be moved, you’ve done nothing wrong…

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You’ve been moved to the Tech support section for your convenience. Am I correct in assuming you’re on PS3?

Yes, ps3

Have you taken a support ticket?

If not please go here;


Thank you, I did that and now waiting for response.

Glad to help.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive a response today.

Very often, it is not uncommon for them to look in to the matter before sending a preliminary e-mail so as to make the process as easy as it can be for you.

Please also check here periodically, as users may have some form of response at times.



Gearbox got back to me and told me to uninstall and reinstall the game. I’ve done that 2 times already and still have the same problem. I can not travel to deck 13 1/2. Tells me I don’t have the associated download. It shows on my download content screen that the season pass has been purchased and installed, but still can’t travel. I wrote 2k support back AGAIN and still waiting for a response.

Getting a little frustrated at this point. I don’t get a lot of time to play and the last couple days have been wasting my time trying to get this DLC to work. The good thing is I’m not ready to do craptastic voyage yet or I would be flat out pissed. Everything else is loaded and works.

Now, I’m no professional at this or anything, but I can tell you solutions that have worked in the past.

Try to start a brand new character and get them to a point where they’d be able to access fast travel.

Just to see if for some reason that affects anything. Please note, I’m in no way certain this’ll do anything, I’m just brainstorming so that maybe we can come to a solution together.

I want you to play the game you bought!

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2k got back to me and said there are still working on it

when I get on tonight I will try your idea. Been wanting to make the baroness anyways

Hey friend, I wanted to let you know that your idea didn’t work. That’s ok, I wanted to make the baroness anyway.

I heard back from the 2k support. The idiot writes me back telling me to clear my cache on my Xbox and if that don’t work, then I have license issues with Xbox.

The problem with that reply is that in my first sentence of my description was I downloaded the season pass from PLAYSTATION STORE!! Ass!!

So now it’s frustration X2 . Still waiting for another reply

Thanks for your interest ! :smiley:

I’m sure the person from 2k probably just misunderstood. They do try their best to fix such issues. I doubt they warrant such titles.

It is unfortunate to hear that attempt to get around it didn’t work.

Here is an odd one, and again, I’m just rattling ideas off here that I don’t know whether or not they’ll work;

Perhaps join a game where the person has Claptastic and ask them to port you there?

Doubt that one will work, but the more tests you do the more you’ll be able to narrow it down with customer support.

I don’t know anyone that plays. I’m a solo player. I’ll wait for 2k

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