DLC items - What do they do?

Just looking to get an overview of what the new items do, as I’m not sure I completely understand what they do. Here are the ones that I’m aware of:

Infection Cleaner - I think that’s the name. It’s the SMG. Seems like it’s just a reskinned Avenger locked to a Fire element.

Toothpick - Wierd fire pattern. May be a reskin of one of the Assault Rifle Pearls, but I’m not sure.

Mouthwash - Increased damage for the Toothpick. Not really an effective use of the Relic slot, so I’m hoping that there’s more to it.

Harston’s Paradise - Just a Shock element Hornet.

Overcompensator - Talking Butcher.

Sniper Rifle from Brick’s quest - I’ve heard rumors that it has B0re built in, but have yet to see any confirmation.

Grenade from Cassius - This one seems to be a combination Fire Burst and MIRV grenade. I actually have it, and it seems pretty straightforward, but figure I’ll double check.

Those are the ones that I have personally found. I’ve seen pictures and videos of a few others, but most of them are in Japanese or Korean, so I can’t read them.

For me it’s just a modified Fire Bee grenade.

I’ve found two Nirvana smg, it acts and looks just like Hellfire, but maybe I’m missing something.

I’ve never used the Fire Bee, and I can see the similarities, but it extra effect is different than the Fire Bee’s. It’s literally just flaming shrapnel that flies out in a circular pattern. I see it as a Fire Burst/MIRV combo.

Update: just saw a video on the Sniper Rifle from Brick’s quest (called the Sincero Amigo),and apparently it’s just a Trespasser with something like double damage.

Do you happen to know how the base damage fairs compared to other snipers? Or is it balanced out due to being able to bypass shields?

I’m afraid not. The video I saw compared the Sincero Amigo with an equivalent Trespasser, but didn’t compare it to an equivalent Purple. If you know what a max level Trespasser is in terms of damage, compare that to a Purple, but double the Damage value.