DLC level question

Looking for some advice,played borderlands 2 back in the daybut only ever played captain scarlet dlc.

Never fancied playing the main game again but fancy some of the other DLC.

If I create a character at level 30 what dlc can I play and enjoy and still have a challenge with. I know some of the older dlc has a lower level cap just wondering which ones are 30+ and worth doing or do they now scale with you?

Sorry ive not played in some time.

You’ll find the initial level ranges for the DLCs listed towards the bottom of this post:

Note that DLCs 3-5 will scale above 30, meaning you’ll get extra XP, levels, and skill points. You can certainly do one of them, and possibly two. I’d suggest Tiny Tina’s and Commander Lilith (numbers 4 and 5), since there’s some good loot to be had in those.

I was thinking the two,how about the headhunter dlc and hammerlock ones,do all of them stop scaling after 35?

The headhunter packs don’t even scale that high in NVHM. Hammerlock (#3) and Tiny Tina (#4) are both 30-35, but doing both you’ll probably hit that 35 cap before completing which ever you play second.

Whats NVHM?

You can just jump into the headhunters and see what they start at, if the Snowman DLC (Mercenary Day) is on level, might be a good place to gear up…

NVHM is Normal Vault Hunter Mode

The issue you’ll find at L30 is that you have no gear and no access to your stash so you can’t transfer from other characters you may have… as VH101 suggested, you can do the Lilith DLC to get gear quickly, or if you have a bunch of golden keys, you can spend some of those to get some on-level purples and hopefully a few of them will be decent, since you can use a much wider range of gear in NVHM… edit: if you go to the Borderlands Twitter page (just google search it) there’ll be codes there for some Golden Keys at least, even if you don’t have any at the moment