DLC levels with you?

Am I able to start it before beating the main story? But only play some of it and then finish the rest after I beat the main story?

The last mission you accept wont level with you (the reward for it), otherwise mayhem mode will scale it to your level

Ok, it’s just that I want a Seeing Dead com for my Zane that’ll get him up the last 12 levels to 50, only way to get one is from starting the DLC now, unless I get one from trade.

Ah, you should be fine; should also have another chance through tvhm for “most” rewards. Pretty sure the only 1 thats 1 chance is for the Scoville from torgues completion challenge (maybe a mail reward too)

Could possibly join anothers game in there; if your not concerned of any spoiler type views - should leave your own dlc untouched

  • If thats fine i could take you into the final fight to see what drops

Oh I’ve beaten the DLC and main story on another character. I don’t have PS+ atm though.