Dlc & loot farming

anyone wanna join me on uvhm and play thru sir hammerlocks, tiny tinas , mr torgues , and pirates booty dlcs and maybe do some grinding for legends /pearls afterwards. xbox360 and gt is same as my name on here. let me know here or message me on xbox360 if u wanna join me. btw I don’t have mic for xbox but I do have one on my laptop if u want to talk on Skype while we play

come on there got to be someone who wants to do this :smile:

Hey, man! If that invite is still open, I’m game :slight_smile:

sorry dude I did that ages ago

dude id be keen for some 360 borderlands grinding and ■■■■ hit me up

Nice! Message my GT: Zalbog. I’ll add you :grin: