DLC. meet new people!

Hey everyone, with a ton of much appreciated help from others in the community, I recently got my siren to op8. I’m still sort of a noob when it comes to putting a good build together and specing, but i’m trying to meet some new people who dont mind helping and just trying to have a good time. I’m planning on farming some, if i can figure out who has what and who to farm. But i want to farm to prepare for playing through all the DLC. I haven’t touched anything but the tinder christmas DLC and there is a ton more I haven’t even visited yet. So if anyone is interested in doing this with me, just add and message me on ps4. My psn is infested808 and i’m on the eastcoast, but I’m not restricted to any certain time. I’m on @ all different times and on daily. thanks everyone, hope to hear from ya!

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