DLC mission enemy ideas?

I only ask, because there is a serious lack of threatening AI.

All I’ve got so far is a cloaking type enemy that stays stationary and visible until it aggros you, then it cloaks and engages like a stalker in Borderlands 2.

Any other ideas?

there is a serious lack of threatening AI

Thrall Brutes, Varelsi Scaven, Varelsi Disruptors, and M.X. Ronin beg to differ (on fully scaled Advanced runs, of course). Veil Walkers aren’t even that threatening, just a nuisance to deal with.

I doubt we’ll get new enemy types, but I’d like to see more enemies with stuns. As far as I remember, the only non-bosses with a stun are Veil Walkers and M.X. Elite Bots. Maybe some sort of thrall with a shock device on its back that stuns you with one of its attacks.

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More Thralls, more Varelsi…:confused: Sadly I can’t see them doing anything interesting with just those two.

I have been thoroughly disappointed with the AI enemies in BB coming from something like BL2 that had stalkers, bullymongs, all those crazy DLC enemies, psychos, my favorite enemy-type (Varkids!!), and many many more.

Just 2 “classes” of enemy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring.

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Well, there’re actually four if you count the golem “types” and the swarmers.

Those enemies AI aren’t what’s threatening, it’s the power of their nukes and the short cooldowns on the slow spam. I want an AI enemy that makes you think differently. Something oher than the shoot on sight while walking backward technique we have for most of the enemies now.

Also, if you’re asking for more stuns, I’m afraid I have to disagree with you there. Stuns are almost as annoying as slows.

If you’re separating the swarmers and guardians/golems, there 5, because you’re forgetting the bots: Others/Natives(Swarmers + Golems), Thrall, Varelsi, Minion Robotics

I actually think there’s a pretty good diversity of enemies. Ignoring the boss types, there are…

[details=8 types of Thrall]
Primal/Summoned Thrall
Primal Bomber
There’s also the Flying Thrall that spawns in Sabo that’s unique afaik, so I’m not counting it[/details]

[details=10 types of Varelsi]
Veil Walker
Scaven Alpha
Just like the Thrall, there’s a unique one that appears a single time and only in Sabo that I’m not counting here: Menagerie[/details]

9 types of Minion Robotics

Blade Bot
Gun Bot
Boom Bot
Shield Drones also exist, but there are only 2 and only in Algo, so I’m not counting them
Pretty sure the turrets are also technically Minion Robotics, but I’m not counting them because turrets

4 types of "Natives"

Swollen Swarmers
Tiny Swarmers

That’s 31 of the “common” enemy types (30 if you insist on combining the swarmers and tiny swarmers or consider the tiny swarmers to be the attacks of the swollen swarmers), which is a pretty healthy number (depending upon how pedantic you feel like being, you could probably break down the number of actual vanilla BL2 enemies to be pretty close to that, since a lot of the enemy variety in BL2 comes from different ranks of identical enemies for diff modes and elemental tweaks).

If they made the “unique” enemies (Shield Drones, Menagerie, Flying Thrall) occur more than once, it would be pretty cool, especially since they’re actually pretty interesting to fight (esp Shield Drones; they’re annoying as hell but make the bridge a lot more interesting).

This isn’t to say that I don’t think that more enemies wouldn’t be interesting or worth developing. Some kind of varelsi-infused thrall similar to Foreman Grall only as a generic enemy instead of a boss would be cool. Bomb drones (like those summoned by Shift Super Varl) could work as well. People have already remarked on/expect to see healer/support enemies in the Operations Missions and talked about the potential for harrier/stealth type enemies.

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Here’s an idea. How about sustained Jennerit warlords. Not thralls. Jennerit. like those statues you sometimes see when you play on the tempest maps. especially the prologue.


Even on Normal those dudes can do damage.

It’ll have a lot to do with the content of the missions, obviously, but part of the verbal backlash against Wound showing up on so many helixes was assurance from GBX that it WOULD have a place in PvE play, hence regenerating/healer enemy types.

Mechanically, I’d like to see PvE enemies that are range-resistant. Either nimble dodgers or having force screens of some kind. I’d like to see PvE environments more suited to close-range engagement, too. Limited visibility, twisting corridors, etc. Range really has an advantage in almost all PvE missions at present.

With “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion,” I expect we’ll see some actual Jennerit, not just Thralls. Maybe even some resembling Battleborn heroes, like priestesses other than Ambra and Keepers other than Rath.

Since I suspect the Rogue-centric mission could be in the Detritus Ring, I’d love some space pirates.

There could easily be a Planet of the Mikes-centric mission, and fighting rogue Mikes would be pretty cool.


I doubt that, Rath had killed all the other keepers before he joined up.

Keeper trainees, then?

Maybe, I just hope I don’t see more of those goddamn Minion RBX enemies. Especially those infinitely backpedaling Rocketeer bots. I swear, it’s so irritating when they keep moving backwards faster than I can move forwards. ;-;


Seriously, the only flying Jennerit troop in the game is the Thrall Jockey you fight on ONE level.

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I KNOW RIGHT? That was badass!

[quote=“CharacterIV, post:9, topic:1544539, full:true”]
Mechanically, I’d like to see PvE enemies that are range-resistant. Either nimble dodgers or having force screens of some kind. [/quote]

But then what happens if you bring a team of all ranged characters?

I’d like to see some “evil battleborn” act as bosses. All the bosses now (except Rendain) just resemble larger versions of common enemies. I’d like to see some battleborn on the other side leading the troops.

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Then you struggle. Same way you would as if you brought a team of all melees to a range-oriented mission like Algorithm.

I don’t know about “evil Battleborn,” but I’d definitely like to see some man-sized bosses or elites who crib moves from the Battleborn. I think that’d be neat. It’d also bring the PvP and PvE experiences closer together.

Why not have evil battleborn? Deande used to work for Rendain. There is no reason to think he doesn’t have other people under his command with a battleborn-level of skill.

I’m fully on board with new, Battleborn-esque enemies. I just didn’t want to see “Evil Battleborn.” Unless that were part of the DLC, some Varelsi scheme made Dark Montana and Dark Toby or something like that. Which could actually be pretty cool. (And I have no doubt their “Dark” looks would be marketplace items.)

Despite their disparate personalities and motivations, our BB all fight against the greater evil of the Varelsi. Having one of them be “evil” in a mission without sufficient explanation wouldn’t sit right with me.

When I said evil battleborn, I didn’t mean one of the established playable characters. I meant new ones

I agree. I just don’t want any of our 27+ current Battleborn to be “evil” in a DLC mission unless there’s some good reason for it in the story; mind control, evil clones, etc.

Then we’re on the same page. I’d actually love it if they introduced a new playable character as an enemy in a DLC, and beating them was how you unlocked that character.