DLC Mission Hype!

I can’t be the only one super hyped to hear that the first DLC mission will be about Attikus and the Thrall rebellion, right? https://battleborn.com/en/news/view/en-dlc-plan-update-1-whats-next-for-battleborn/

I’ve finished most of the Lore for most of the characters, and Attikus’ lore is all about how he became intelligent, and the Thrall rebellion(s), the last of which being assisted by the Battleborn. (For those interested, there’s even a timeline!)

So playing through these missions may give us a better idea of the lore! (Ooh, maybe there’s a Battle of Penarch DLC mission ont he way!)

Sorry, but the lore in this game makes the writer in me nerd out. "=v=


Attikus definitely deserves some love. Great character, AWESOME voice.
Super glad to hear that things will change every time you play this mission. Gotta have that replay-ability!

I’d like to see an Ekkunar desert based mission, or maybe something more in-depth, like visiting the core of Ekkunar, or a whole tribe of Boldur’s people! OH HO HO!


Dude, I would die if we met a tribe of prussian dwarves. Boulder is one of my favourite characters. xD
DUuuuuuuude. I just thought of this: Whiskey Foxtrot and Reyna recruiting the Rouges in the Deterius ring! yaaaasssss. Here’s hoping they don’t stop at five! :smiley:

Would be super sweet if a new character was released WITH a DLC mission that introduced them or was about their recruitment to the Battleborn.

Plenty of options :smiling_imp:

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Man, I hope GBX is reading this. Take notes, devs!

I want to final DLC mission to be an all out battle with some NPC’s you can interact with during the mission. Maybe even let you select a few BB AI ala mass effect besides your player friends.

I would love to see a rogue one. Like it to be after its set up though mainly because i would like to see how reyna controls a group with no rules alots of guns and beer without controling them.
Maybe one of the ships gets attacked we have to clear it out and we can meet suriviours and learn about rogue life. She says we had ships so they is more than 5 of them.

As for a character when learn about has dlc mission my money on jennerit Empress Lenore going to save her.

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I’m very hyped for some Thrall Lore!
One thing that I’ve been wondering about is some… thrall biology I guess. Are they all male? Or do they not have the kind of sexes we are used to? (They are an alien race, I wouldn’t be surprised at all!) And I mean the amount of funky stuff going on in this small planet of ours… the possibilities are endless. I don’t know, it’s a weird thought. But it came to mind after playing through the game for the first time.

And I can’t wait for that Rogue DLC. I’d also love to hear some more about The Lorrians…