Dlc mission ‘playing with fire’ bugged?

“Kill pretty boy’s thugs” section is stuck and I’m not having luck.

Any suggestions?

Edit: you need to kill 2 mimic slot machines. If you do a lot of aoe damage you’ll destroy slot machines, the mimic won’t spawn, and you’ll be stuck. This sounds stupid, but I saw a reddit post that confirms that they had to find 2 mimics before they could move on as well.

This was really frustrating. I took about a month off, but I see that this game is still a mess.

What part isn’t working? You need to kill some goons and then plant a bomb on his statue in that area.

I planted the bomb and then it sends me to kill more thugs and to meet Ember. I kill everything on the map and it’s just stuck.

I watched a walkthrough and it’s supposed to go into the cutscene of Ember… but nothing happens.

I’ve reloaded and done it 4 times now… no luck

I wonder if you’ve got an enemy stuck somewhere, is the big kill circle still up? Sounds like a bug to me, best to send support a ticket.

I wonder if it would work if you uninstalled and reinstalled the DLC? Not a great solution but that’s still early in the game at least.

Did you ever get this resolved? I’m having the exact same issue right now

Got the same bug at first.

I just went exploring a bit, came back, loot some box and the cinematic appeared.