DLC mission reset

Is there a way to reset the dlc questlines without having to deal with the main storyline again?

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i would like that, but i think we still need to go to sanctuary (which sucks) before we play the dlc again.

You can do it on a new character by using the boosted level 13 DLC option, but I suspect that’s not what you want. If you want to do it with your current character, currently you’ll need to do the TVHM complete reset unfortunately.

It would be great to be able to reset DLC and crew challenges at will.


Yeah I already gave up and restarted. Found a stream to watch, turned the volume off the game, gonna find something to drink and try to get through this again.

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Maybe in BL4.


Or is it something they could patch in? The DLCs are so great it would make sense to encourage people to play them again.

Fans are asking for this since BL2, so if they didn’t implement this in last 7 years of production, it’s unlikely to get a patch for it.
This question was raised in one of first BL Shows, and the answer was not satisfying iirc.

I would like to have that option, it’s one of the quality of life feature that BL3 needs. But who knows, maybe with the version for next-gen consoles?

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Yeah the fact that you have to play on mute just to be able to get through it is really bad funny thing is I find myself doing the same for most of the main story in gearboxs defence mind you I have 15 level 60 vaulthunters all on tvhm but the main reason is the main story gets worse the more you play it like the more recent transformer movies great dumb fun watch them more than 3 times and they start to grate on your nerves

Its just so damn tedious, you cant even move through it quickly because you have five to ten minutes of exposition that you cant skip every other quest. You can’t even go afk because in the middle of their spiel you have to pick something up next to them, or click something next to the npc that’s talking to keep them talking.

Agreed… I hate to be that guy that is always bringing up BL2 but I reset my playthrough probably a dozen times. I never hated it. Other than the introductions of certain bosses bad maw Captain Flynt lilith brick. The only time I remember any progress blocker of you need to watch this story without participating in it was the exchange between Jack Roland and Lilith, I swear “a siren”…“sup” boooom…Still gives me chills… I’ve only done true Vault Hunter mode on two of my current characters in BL 3 But i would gladly reset bounty of blood.

Edit: reached level 72 on Ultimate Vault Hunter mode on all characters in Bl2. Multiple resets mostly for Mission gear while going up an overpower levels


Same here. Played the story many, many times. In BL2 I found TVHM the most enjoyable, tough enemies, tougher variants, and still the feeling of progress to reach lv50.

Far, far superior than what we have here (story / content wise).

I don’t know I honestly feel like Tales from the Borderlands… attracted a lot of players… which isn’t terrible… but I think it would have been more optimal to have done like a co release I don’t know if that’s ever been done at all but I think it would have been a hit Borderlands 3 and tales from Borderlands 3 released at the same time with adjoining stories

Yeah BL2 was great, and it gave me plenty of laughs. This is probably the only game I’ve played where I turned the dialogue off because its so bad. Having a story is fine, if it feels like an actual story. This one is more like a job, its not even quests where you actually do anything, its literally stand there and listen to my speech so you can put something in my hand. You cant even move along to where the next quest step is half the time because you have to click talk to them again at the end of each speech to then move again.