DLC needs a slaughter

I’m hoping devs will add a new slaughter arena to the dlc as free content. It just seems like a missed opportunity. I want to murder (more) robots.


I would definitely second this.


That honestly seems like a logical conclusion to Moxxi taking over the casino. After all, isn’t this the first Borderlands where Moxxi hasn’t had an arena/underdome?

As long as Anointed CoV mobs are excluded, I’ll be happy.


I remember the Slaughter thingy in BL2 with all the robots (Hyperion something, forgot the name and to lazy to check in game tbh). But that was one of my favorite things to do in BL2. And it wasn’t really easy either in higher OP lvl’s. It was a challenge.

So I was fully expecting this in the DLC tbh. Bummer. Also no raidboss… Bummer nr2.

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True. I agree 100% with you.

Would second as well, bunch of gamblers and robos, no annointed,… ahhhhhhh…

End boss, pretty boy w/o jack suit,…

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This Post needs more attention. Every DLC should come with a Trial and a Slaughter imo. This DLC NEEDS one because I enjoy the enemy type the most.

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Killing a bunch of loaders, scraptraps, and slot bots sounds like it could be the most fun out of the current slaughters.


Make em’ listen

Moxxi I think was actually responsible for all the slaughter pits in BL2, however the ones in BL1 outside her DLC I think were just random people. Kind of interesting Mr Torgue is doing them in BL3 though the end of the torgue DLC in BL 2 made it seem like she planned to collaborate with Mr Torgue for such things in the future after implying blackmail about the arena and tournament.

Yes and 1 wave of just Scraptraps