DLC new playable characters

So to get way way ahead of ourselves…

I think BL2 & TPS did a good thing by having new characters dropped in as DLC. So, now that we’ve had a look (incomplete, surely) at the launch set, what’s the speculation about DLC characters that might appear? Anything in the trailer that looks suggestive?

I’m still wondering if any of the starter set is a sniper-optimized character. The one that I’m looking at for that is Zane, but the references to battlefield gadgets implies to me that his speciality may be more around traps, snares, tripwires and so on, not sniping.

I like to snipe (cuz I’m chicken and want to be far away) so looking for that.

Of course, they have the option of bringing back Aurelia , but probably not. I do want a sniper.

Side note: Since Gearbox perfected having many more than 6 payables in Battleborn, I would also be way down with having 25 characters, bring back all the old vault hunters and 10 new ones. But that’s just me being greedy.


You get to play as grown-up Dukino.



There is a massive amount of awesomeness included in that idea…


Yeah, I’d wager about 15,000 pounds worth.

pounds as in imperial measurement, and also monetary value for the DLC


My guess would be either FL4K or Zane, at least initially. Zane for being an operative/assassin/strategic/sneaky type of character similar in a lot of ways to Zer0. FL4K for being constantly referred to as a tracker and a hunter. FL4K is actually shown carrying a sniper rifle (a Jakobs one, no less) in practically every official image of him on the Borderlands website.


Good point. I may have to play the Pet Shop Boy then, though summoning minions in past FRP games has never been my favorite thing.



Didn’t played Zer0 nearly as much as I wanted but Retsam (My Commando) sniped his way up to lvl 60ish before turning full explosive.

I honestly have absolutely no clue what the “2 extras” would or could be.
I’m kinda asking myself the same question. Will they keep the tradition of two extra VH or will we see more?
I would love to see all previous VH available to play but they would most probably have to edit/tweak some skills. And that will inevitably bring all kind of discontent in the community. Better avoid it just for that. Sadly.

I’ll try to think of some good idea for the extra.


That would be a big fat NO from me.

As a matter of fact, I don’t want to see any already known characters as playable vault hunters in BL3. That includes previous vault hunters and NPCs. So no playable Tiny Tina or Mr. Torgue either, not even as DLC characters. I’m already dreading the possibility of Zane turning out to be an older Timothy from the Pre-Sequel (even though that would probably be the only sorta acceptable exception for me). I mean, let the new guys get the spotlight they deserve, this is their story. Let the players gradually get to know them and develop bonds with them as they play. I think that’s very important. It just wouldn’t be the same if you already knew who the character is before you played them.

I also don’t want a ridiculously huge and ever growing selection of new vault hunters. I think that’d be spreading player interest way too thin. It might affect the development of each character and also the depth and variety of their skill trees. I mean, this isn’t some battle royale or fighting game. Characters and story matter here. 4 starting characters + 2 DLC characters at a later time is fine by me. 8 total characters is where I’d draw the line, but that’s already feeling a bit too crowded for me.


I agree on not bringing back old vault hunters or NPCs as playables.

However… I’d like to see their classes return as DLC. A new Psycho or Mechromancer character with a familiar skill set would be awesome. Refresh the skill trees and introduce a new character into the lore while letting fan favorite playstyles make a return.

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Yeah, that’s also a big no from me… I’m not interested in “new” characters who are basically just Krieg or Gaige with a new name and a new look. I’m fine with incorporating the more generic and vague aspects of certain playstyles to their skill trees (such as “pet”, “sniper”, “melee”, “stealth”, “tank”, “elemental”, “siren”, etc), but I want the new characters to have all new playstyles developed with the mechanics of this game in mind. I want to see them using those aspects in different, creative and unexpected ways (such as “melee siren”, for instance). I don’t want their playstyles to feel like rehashes of Anarchy or Decepti0n. I don’t want to feel like I’m playing Zer0 or Maya when playing any of the new characters. I wanna discover new playstyles exclusive to these characters. I wanna find out what makes these characters special. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I wanna find new favorite characters and favorite playstyles for BL3 rather than keep playing the ones I already know and love from previous games.


Having more than 8 characters would undermine a lot of what Borderlands is. I feel that we’ll only see 2 more (max of 4, min of 0) more characters over the DLCs. Honestly, I could do without a character that which has one full skill tree dedicated to one specific gun type. Unless they have skill choices in said skill tree that you can take that focus on other (more universal) things, such as reload speed, I would feel severely limited by that character and completely neglect them as I did with Zer0.

Sorry, got a little off topic. I think throwing a character that creates shields would be cool. I know Hyperion guns do that now, but I loved Athena and having a character chuck a stationary cover wall could be a game changer in harsh fights. Also, I have a suspicion that Zane’s bot might have healing potential. I love healers so a character capable of healing the party would be great.


I don’t know, the idea of them taking an old concept and re-imagining it to work with a new game interests me. Obviously it wouldn’t be copy/pasted into the new landscape, they’d have to change and balance things to make old classes work and along with those changes would come new ways to experience and expand on those old familiar playstyles.

To each their own but I think it could be pretty cool as DLC, completely optional for those that do long for a touch of the familiar in the new sandbox. They woudln’t replace new additions, just supplement the roster. If their current marketing is anything to go by, they intend to monetize the hell out of the game.


Totally agree with that.

I don’t give any credit to that theory.
I think Timothy could be a nice NPC cameo thou.

Once again. Agree with that. Yes I said I’d love to see/play the old VH but that’s the nostalgic (and curious) inner me. I don’t think it would be a good idea for the reasons I already stated.

I could live with more than 2 DLC characters. But not hordes…
I think a total of 6 VH is good. Maybe 8 “Cuz now they can”. More than that and you start drifting.


With all the Eridian stuff going on im betting $10 that there will be a guardian/eridian character as DLC.

Also obligatory Dr. T for DLC.


what if, if you unlock previous vault hunters. in B1, B2 and TPS. that will be awesome.

I think it depends on how long BL3’s post launch support will last. We know that the season pass is intended to last over the course of a year, from September 2019 to September 2020. With BL2, that game’s season pass ran from launch in September 2012 to June 2013, but after that ended, they kept making DLC, in smaller ways, with the Headhunter packs, costumes packs, and Digistruct Peak.

With the rise of “live service” games like Destiny, it wouldn’t surprise me if they want to keep BL3’s content running for a while. Perhaps a second season pass after the first one concludes? Likewise, it wouldn’t surprise me if adding new Vault Hunters would be part of the plan too.

I think it is almost a given that we’ll be seeing at the bare minimum 2 DLC Vaunt Hunters, potentially one before the end of the year even considering how Gaige came out only like a month after BL2’s launch. But it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw 4. I understand for people who love the lore of Borderlands don’t like the notion of there being a small army of Vault Hunters saving the day in BL3, but I feel gameplay comes first, and honestly I feel like that is a problem the writers for BL4 can worry about later.

I do agree with the notion of not bringing back either characters or remaking character classes with new Vault Hunters. I’d rather see new stuff, with maybe the only exception being the Gunzerker’s duel weild, since I feel like that skill revolves around the weapons, and since BL3’s arsenal is entirely new, I feel like that skill would feel entirely new too.

If the rumours are true about BL3’s skill trees being far more complex than all previous games, I don’t really see the point of bringing back old skills when you’d probably have to do alot with them just to make them suit this game when you could just do something new.

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I think the ending to the pre-sequel kind of implies there should be a small army of vault hunters, if you recall what was said before the credits rolled.


I have honestly no idea if they are even going to follow up on the ending of The Pre-Sequel, considering there seems to be something like a 5 year time jump from the end of that game, and I’m not really sure if that war the alien was on about was in regard to the Children of the Vault, since it seems like they are less like a force so much as a fantatical cult.

No idea like I say, but it wouldn’t surprise me if TPS’s cliffhanger is just quietly forgotten, a bit like how the teaser at the end of the Tiny Tina DLC was forgotten as well.

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We don’t need a giant roster like a Battleborn or most MOBA games.

2 DLC characters worked on BL2 and TPS.

From what they teased though BL3’s scope of coverage in regards to the size of our in game “world” will be much bigger as we’re actually going to other planets this time which opens up more opportunities to pick up more people. As such I could see the roster of playable characters being a bit larger as long as they all had their own unique personality and feel for gameplay.


Heck claptrap was playable, i don’t doubt the possibilities of an Eridian being playable.