DLC not accessible message

Hi guys, if this has been covered please link me to the relevant post, I couldn’t find anything from a quick search. When I first imported my Siren from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and since then, I get this message popup whenever I go to load up my character:

As far as I can tell nothing is missing or blocked off, i’ve never actually done Digistruct Peak but it is accessible to me still, it’s really starting to bug me everytime it comes up though. Is there a way to get rid of it? I am actually considering doing a whole new Siren and then transferring all the gear across, it’s really irritating. No other character I imported do this, only my Siren (admittedly she was the only character I had at 72 at that stage, if that matters).

I know this is a common problem due to some quick googles but I really want to resolve this if possible.

The HC version always does that. Ignore it. The message was originally programmed to appear if you only had the base game, or just one of the UVHM add-ons. Both are included by default in the HC version but, for some reason, there’s a glitch in the coding on the ported game.

You’ll find other minor glitches as well. For example, the sound fx for the electric fence at the Tundra Farmhouse can be heard everywhere on the map until you turn it off (why I always FT to the farmhouse first!), and the garage door effects for Tina’s workshop keep looping continually after it’s first triggered in the story mission. (Same for Lunestalker’s garage in TPS).

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I see. Why would it only happen on one specific character though? Looks like i’m making a new Siren :confused: because, yes, it does bug me enough. Plus an excuse to run a new Siren knowing what I do about her skills now? Bonus :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply.

I don’t know. It happens to me on all three of my characters that were level 72 when I transferred them from 360, but I don’t have any that have got to 72 on the XB1 (yet). I suspect something funky specifically with the transferred saves - maybe a key value in the progression history doesn’t exactly match with the equivalent HC one, even though the meaning is effectively the same.

Why would you need an excuse?! I have three sirens and counting…

Well, level 72 is the difference then. All of my others were lower, in fact at that stage I don’t even think any had started UVHM. So it’s either UVHM related, or maximum level related. I used to have a different gamertag for years so most of my experience in Borderlands games is on that, so this new me is still catching up.

And good point, who needs an excuse? :slight_smile: By the way, how do I use that quote thing you did? For future reference.

  1. Select the text you want to quote
  2. Click on the “Quote” button that pops up above it.

You can do multiple quotes by clicking in the editor window where you want to the text to appear, then doing steps 1and 2; rinse and repeat for multiple quotes (and they don’t all need to be from the same post).

Selection can be a bit finicky if you are trying to pick up the end of a line or the last line in a block of text; just select a little slower so you’re not including the (hidden) EOL character.

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Oh, for some reason I never thought to literally highlight it. Heh, thanks!

And so begins the career in murder of Faye Zlok.

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I had this issue when I converted my Xbox 360 saves to PC. For some reason the 360 version gives you 1 xp point too many which causes this message. I just removed a point through the save editor and the message went away. Of course this will do you no good going from Xbox 360 to Xbox One as you can’t edit your save files. :neutral_face:

It’s ok, I started a new Siren :smiley: i’m documenting her progress here: