DLC not auto levelling

I’m playing a co op game on xbox, normal mode and around level 35 and decided to have a go and the handsome heist DLC - but it’s all at level 13 difficulty.

Google is a bit of a mixed bag saying you have to complete the game then set it to mayhem mode 1 and it’ll auto scale.

Seems a bit weird, was hoping for some clarification - created the topic as i didn’t see it - first post don’t kill me if it’s been asked a bunch already, cheers.

Did you started this character from lvl1 or lvl13? Try completing first mission, then it should scale.
Mayhem scales everything to your level.

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If you play on Mayhem everything is going to scale to your level and the respective Mayhem level you are playing on.

As I understand it you can’t enable mayhem until you complete the base game.? I think we’re close-ish to that but decided to take a break and jump into a DLC (Heist) at around level 35.

All the enemies / mission is listed as level 13. So since it’s first playthru the characters started a lvl 1 and now at level 35 or so.

Either it auto scales or you have to complete the base game - there just doesn’t seem to be a clear answer - there’s every possibility of me being stupid however.


Normal mode does not scale the first time a character goes through it. Once that character completes Normal mode, he/she can activate Mayhem on either Normal or True mode, which will then always scale for that character.

So for first timers - complete game, then run DLC with mayhem or have level 13 missions.

I am I the only one that thinks this is redundant?

I’d say yes, finish main story asap and play everything else after that on at least Mayhem 1 which will make everything scale to your level everywhere.

At least we have the option in this game - the scaling mechanics in previous games were a lot worse. I never understood why it’s not a general thing to always have everything scale to your level wherever you go and whatever you do.

Actually - if you tear thru the very long lobby of 13lvl bad guys and pick up the first mission and side quest then they auto level. You have to return to this lobby a couple of times and 1 shot 1 kill every one but that’s that sorted - no need to complete the game.

Without starting a new topic - on Xbox one sometimes when a buddy joins the game he can’t hear me or we can’t hear each other - is there something I’m missing here or is it a known issue? Didn’t see a lot of answers elsewhere.

If you’re using headsets and can hear the game but not each other, try adjusting your chat mixer slider. I believe the slider is under the Settings menu in your home screen.

nah, it’s not that - restarting consoles etc can fix it - got a couple of things to try for next time.

I know that if you pick up a mission, that mission will be scaled to the level you pick it up at.
So maybe you picked it up in sanctuary at level 13 but just never entered the DLC until now.

Check the sound settings and make sure you’re not set to push to talk, change it to always on for the mic option. Also the audio will cut out when transitioning between maps.

As far as dlc goes, it should level to when you accept the initial quest from my understanding. If not then it should level up once you complete the first quest. If that doesn’t work then, unfortunately, you’ll need to complete the main story and get mayhem turned on.

I know it does that if using the in-game chat, but I think if you start a party before launching the game and rely on party chat it doesn’t cut out? At least, that’s they way it worked on previous titles.

I think you’re right. I recently switched from Xbox to PC and didn’t play much online co-op on Xbox. If you’re using Xbox party chat it shouldn’t have any issues staying connected.

Thanks all. I think the Moxxi DLC was picked up early and I think the audio problems was due to my mic being muted which is part of that headset not being assigned malarkey… I’m looking into the fixes for that.

I did briefly try party chat but it said I had no mic but didn’t hang about long enough to sort it out.

If you’re on XBox, sometimes it takes the system a moment or three to catch up with the mic, especially if it wasn’t plugged in when you first created/entered the party.