DLC not available

I enjoy Borderlands one more then the other two, so I decided to go back and play. Though, my DLCs ain’t popping up. And I’m pretty sure I remember a menu popping up in the main menu telling you the DLC locations (Jacobs Cove, Underdome, ect.) were available. I have the actual game installed on my hard drive, the DLCs are on a disc (triple pack). I tried deleting them and re-installing, but it’s not working.

If you’re in-game at the Fyrestone fast travel station, do any of the DLC locations show at all? You should at least see the Underdome (so you can access the bank).

No. I know that if you have the DLCs installed, you can fast travel to their locations despite not powering the fast travel network. But it won’t even let me go to the fast travel icon, as the game won’t recognize the DLCs.

Weird - I don’t think I’ve ever run into that particular problem. The only thing I can think of is to clear the system cache, and optionally update your licence.

Already tried. :frowning: I’ve had this happen before, I fixed it, but I can’t remember what I did. Others have had this problem, but I can’t find anything related to the problem on Xbox.

I tried going back into the old forums, but the Borderlands technical support sections seem to be missing completely (paging @JoeKGBX - any chance you could look into this?) So the only thing I can suggest right now is filing a support ticket - perhaps the support folks have something on file that might help.

I’ll try. Thanks for the help, fellow Vault Hunter.

Sooo… I tried to access the DLCs on a new account. And they worked. But once I go back to my main account, the game can’t recognize them. So is it my profile?

That sounds vaguely familiar. Did you change your GT at any time between when you last played the DLCs and now?

Not at all. Been the same gamertag for almost half a year now. The Pre-Sequels and the second’s DLCs work fine, it’s just the first game that’s screwy.

I guess you could try deleting and re-importing your profile? I think there’s supposed to be a way to do this without deleting your game saves (never tried it, but I have some glitched achievements on 360 that this supposedly fixes).

Never thought of that? Mm, I’ll try it! :3

You do have to complete “Skags at the Gate” before the DLC is accessible…not sure how far along you are.