DLC not connnecting to account on series x

I have all the dlc for BL3 and just got the series X. I updated the game and downloaded all of the dlc. Under manage game add-ons, it shows all of the dlc installed. When I load into the game i cannot access any of my gear specific to the dlcs. It shows them in my bank and backpack but says whatever dlc is required. What can I do?


I have the same problem on series X.

Is it running the actual XBSX native version of the game, or still running the XB1/XB1X version?

I noticed it myself last night i initially made a new character for a fresh start and went to Social for mail and it said no new mail. I have a character from Xb1X wit the items and the shield whch increases drop rate beow leel 10 was equipped and when i installed on my Series X, it now says cannot be equipped as it says “requires booster pack” and it is installed.

I downloaded the “upgrade” so should be the xbsx version

i forgot to add that before my dlc’s were installed my items appeared in my mail. Once the DLC’s were installed they weren’t available and my DLC items were no longer usable on my Xb1X character on my Series X.

Ok, temporary fix that someone told me and tested it works. Uninstall the new final form skins, all of them. They seem to be bugged on series X and block all dlc from season 1.


This worked for me, thanks!

Thanks for that, worked a dream for me too =)

so now we all need to report the bug so it can be fixed lol

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Been having the issue since yesterday. This worked!

Its quite insane that DLCs are causing this issue… Hope we got a soild hotfix this thursday at a minimum.

I was able to reinstalled the DLC’s for final form after uninstalling an looks like everything back to normal.

Thanks for info.

Add me to the list as well.
Just bought ultimate edition on series X today. First character got the dlc then it stopped showing… now on 3rd install and hope the tip above works.

Update: removing the final form skins fixed me as well.

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Same here on the Series S . Even though it says all the DLC is installed the only one I can access is Arms Race. The real kicker is I can not use my DLC Legendaries.

Any word on if GBX knows about this? Also, those with a Series X, is your Xbox running hot or warm? I would say mine is pretty warm.
I thought it was BL3 pushing it but it could be since I had it on all day trying to download/redownload games.

The link to file an official support ticket is in the pinned thread at the top of this section. Please use it to report the DLC issue on series X.

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And uninstalling the new models works.


THANK YOU! Was driving me nuts trying to figure out the issue.

I’m having this same issue specifically with Dlc 3 I also own every single Dlc for this game even got season pass 2 I can’t seem to find out how to fix it and is really frustrating