DLC not connnecting to account on series x

Thank you God uninstalling the new character models fixed it thank you guys for the info was already having a bad day this made it not as bad

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I have the same problems with the DLC content that everyone is talking about here. Like most, uninstalling the final form DLCs fixed it. I tried reinstalling them later and it broke the game again. So I have to leave them off for now.

Edit: I made some comments about my campaign being erased. However, this turned out not to be the case. I have since removed that portion of my post. Everything else above still remains true.

Hello! Is there a reason why QA didn’t catch this? This is one of the most easiest repro bugs to find. I get COVID and WFH…but even while working remotely…this is obvious. people paid for the content and for it to work lol.

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Since I’m just a volunteer forum moderator, you’re asking the wrong person that question. If I had an XBSX, though, I grant you that this would be irritating. Hopefully, a fix will not be long in coming.


Thanks for the prompt reply!

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Yeah I’m hoping this is patched next Thursday or sooner. I like my multiverse skins and would like to use them without losing access to my dlc lol.

I really wish I had checked here first as I just uninstalled everything and I’m in the process of adding it back with my max 15 Mbps Internet lol.

That did it, thanks.

Where do i download the upgrade thing i dont see it anywhere…

Where do i download the upgrade thing i dont see it anywhere…also when i go into the game my screen goes blue twice and then go into the game

Hi, I had a lot of the same problem you explain, the first thing I did was install everything, but then the bank was empty and nothing was right.

What I did to fix this was to uninstall everything and reinstall everything, but when installed are not the 4 new dlc skins, so I sync again. Then everything worked as it should

So to all of you who have a problem with Borderland of installing the whole Borderland, and then installing it again but then REMEMBER not to install dlc skins.
Hope this helps, it made it fall for me

Yes i unistalled all and reinstalled all more than 3 times still blue screen whenngetting into the game and i did not see and upgrade download anywhere i am currently on my series x thanks for the answer, like someone said i just deleted the new bodies and alls good, still blue screen and no upgrade download , is the upgrade something i have to manually download?

My impression was that it was supposed to be automatic. Is the game on the internal XBSX storage or an external drive?

I’m unfortunately not sure, but what I did was to restore the entire Xbox series S and started everything from the beginning, installed everything without them skins. after that I went into but old xbox one s. I had then taken a network transfer of all veneers from the old box. after sync I play with old files, locally. Logged me out of the profile, (main profile) if you have more profiles.

What I did after avr to start series S, start the game, then I was told what you wanted to sync to when I sync from cloud. when it was done everything was as it should be

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Internal i dont have external drive

It’s listed as one of the games optimized for ‘smart delivery’, so you should in theory have the correct version? Check the video settings to see if it’s giving your the higher frame rate and resolution options compared to the original version.

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Also for some resaon the logo was changed to the standard edition and i bough the superdeluxe edition, and if i uninstall and go to install from the store it just install the standard edition and i have to manually download all the dlc, do i have to put this on performance mode to see the 60 fps? Cuz i cant notice the 60fps and my tv its capable of 60fps, when i do put it on performance mode it looks choppy and jagged edges…

Sho if i have this options means i jave the upgrade?? I had the xbox one x before and i think i say this options…

You should have more options than the XB1X version if I understand the details correctly? Unfortunately, I’m not having much luck finding the relevant information as Google insists on generalizing every search to simply XBox.

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