DLC not connnecting to account on series x

As u can see this is all the options regarding visuals i can see

there the logo looks like standard edition not the super deluxe edition

So when will this get fixed? I would very much like to use the skins I paid for GB.

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What are the options for Series X? I know they say 4K 60 but what would be the other?

In what setting do i have to be to experience the 60fps 4k? performance or resolution? Both seem the same to me if we talking about smoothness of gameplay

Do you guys recommend to download BL3 again from scratch on a new Series X. Download the DLCs as well. And let the cloud to sync the save data and never touch the old xbox?

I have been looking everywhere for a post about this issue, I have contacted gearbox multiple times about the issue but they don’t seem to care… this needs fixing not good when season pass 2 is out and I’m already contemplating whether to purchase it or not…

to uninstall just the skins, press the start button on Xbox Controller nd goto manage games and addons and uncheck the skins and hit save. This uninstalls the skins. As for the 4K 60, From what i can remember the FoV sliders weren’t in the previous gen versons onconsole

I have uninstalled all content reinstalled everything but the skin packs and still am unable to access the season 1 dlc. Does anyone have any more suggestions?

if you’re on xbox just uninstall the skins from addons on xbox and save. then restart game the dlc should be available excluding the skins

FoV sliders was in at launch. From what I’ve seen performance mode is 120FPS at 1080p.

And again, hope this issue is taken care of Thursday.

umm so there was a hot fix and this wasn’t included? are the devs sleeping on the job while WFH?

I very much doubt that licence issues (which is what this appears to be) can be addressed by a hotfix.

I think this hotfix fixed this issue. I installed multiverse skins and my DLC is still active. Thank you GB.

Has anyone else tried to see if it is indeed fixed. You could previously use the skins and it may work but but next time you log off and back on the DLCs would be gone again.

I’m having same issues and hate to see no response from GB but it is a pandemic and it’s Holiday season! Any of these fixes on new hardware will take longer to fix. It looks like the only fix is to delete the new character model dlc as mentioned above.

I recently have ben leveling my old ps4 character on PS5 and I intentionally left the Butt Stallion Grenade mod until I was lvl 65. Upon reaching level 65 i went to my mail and there it was the"Butt Stallion" grenade mod, BUT upon using it with all DLC installed it disappeared which really pisses me off. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet?