Dlc not installed on system?

Hi there. I just started playing the game but somehow my license for the game got suspended. After i restored my license the dlcs which came with the super deluxe edition couldn’t be detected and i couldn’t use my legendary equipment which came from the preorder. Is this a glitch? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Not sure what’s going on there. You may need to fill out a support ticket for assistance with that.

Hi there did you redeem the code for the super deluxe edition before installing the game?

did u preorder off of psn, cause i cannot use my season pass

I redeemed my codes while my game was downloading and haven’t received any of my items and it will not let me download season pass, anything you know that might fix it?

I don’t think anyone has the season pass installed yet? (I’d be interested to know if anyone does actually have it on disk!) For the other items, since you redeemed while downloading the game you may have to go into the store and install them manually.